13 Signs You Are A Tourist In Hawaii
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13 Signs You Are A Tourist In Hawaii

Even the littlest things can make you stand out.

13 Signs You Are A Tourist In Hawaii
Kortni Carico

As a current tourist on the island of Oahu staying with some locals, there are some eye-opening things that make me realize I am a target for whale watching scams and sketchy party offers. I have learned I’m definitely a guest, but they all welcome me and my confusion with open arms. Although I haven’t done all of the things below, these are some common things that make tourists stand out.

1. You can’t pronounce the street names

Is it “Like Like highway?” “Ooh, it’s leaky-leaky highway.

2. You don’t match the demographic

For instance, I am blond hair blue eyes and most people in Hawaii are of Asian descent. My light eyes are an anomaly for them.

3. They say aloha and mahalo excessively to you I guess aloha is not a common greeting in Honolulu for locals

4. There are so many goddesses and gods

All I know is that Pele is upset and that’s why the big island is flowing with lava currently.

5. You pay people to take you snorkeling or help hike a trail

6. You think there’s only Pearl Harbor to visit

My family thought that that was basically it when I came as a kiddo but now I know there is so much more.

7. Rental cars galore!

Take your pick. Minivan or Maserati.

8. You’re either fried by the sun or covered in sunscreen

There’s no in between

9. You have to get Hawaiian print shirts for the entire family

Aside from the tourism-related activities, there aren’t many people who sport the Tommy Bahama-esque gear.

10. Hiking in flip-flops?

11. Stopping in the middle of the street to take pictures

You’re gonna be able to take pictures of the hospital too if you keep standing in traffic!

12. You buy so much you need additional luggage to go home

Honolulu is a fashion hub in the world, so plan accordingly people

13. You will definitely contemplate canceling your flight home

Because who wants to leave paradise?! You also are very, very jealous of all the people who get to call this place home.

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