I just want to start off by saying I love my dogs so much! My favorite boys are Ollie (the gray one) and Sully, A.K.A. Puppy (the furry one). Sometimes I think I am starting to become more obsessed with my dogs, but I am okay with that. Here are 13 signs you are also obsessed with your dog(s)!

1. When you are away from home, you cannot wait to get home to see your dog(s).

2. You spend 45 minutes trying to get that perfect selfie with your lovable pooch.

3. After 45 minutes of struggling to get your dog to take a picture with you, you end up flipping the camera around and taking a picture of just your dog.

4. The portrait of your dog ends up being your screen saver on your phone...laptop...and iPad.

5. Your family group message is just a compilation of pictures of the dog(s).

6. You'd rather share your bed with your dog than anyone else.

7. You go out and purchase a new shower head with a handle, so you can bathe your dog more often.

8. You make sure to save a bite of your food for the dog.

9. You strategically pick out your dog's first AND middle name.

10. You show pictures of your dog to every person you encounter.

11. You leave the TV on for the dogs when you leave the house, so they have something to listen to.

12. When your dog was a puppy, you dressed him/her in your old doll and Build-A-Bear clothes.

13. You make sure to buy your dog a new toy and treat anytime you go to the store.