13 Reasons Why you Need to Watch 13 Reasons Why
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13 Reasons Why you Need to Watch 13 Reasons Why

Spoilers ahead

13 Reasons Why you Need to Watch 13 Reasons Why

The new Netflix original show 13 Reasons Why has taken the world by storm. Social media is filled with posts about the show, conversations consist of discussing the show, and the hype seems never ending. Each new tape, and thus new episode follows both Hannah Baker, the deceased narrator of the tapes, and Clay Jensen, the acquaintance (or possible friend) of Hannah's on a twisted and confusing journey in order to discover the reason for Hannah's suicide. Based off of the New York Times Bestseller 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher, the show is irresistible, heartbreaking and impossible to stop watching. The show has gained popularity not only for it's interesting plot line, but also for the difficult and distressing topics it discusses. Here are only 13 of the many reasons why the show is widely popular, and rightly so.

1. The parallels to real life

Unlike many shows on today, 13 Reasons Why shows the truth. It illustrates real life and the daily struggles teens go through.

2. It tackles issue after issue

From depression to bullying to rape, the show doesn't shy away from discussing these heavy and uncomfortable topics. Instead, it hits them straight on and exemplifies just how damaging they can be.

3. It's attention grabbing

Each episode keeps viewers on their seats, curious as to who's on each tape, and for what reason.

4. It teaches valuable lessons

The show educates not just teens, but people of all ages the importance of caring for others. It highlights the detrimental effect a bystander can have, and how crucial it is to stand up for someone. Just as Clay Jensen says "you [Mr. Porter] could have stopped [Hannah's suicide], and I could have, and Justin Foley could have, and a dozen other people, at least" and yet no one did.

5. The honesty

Unlike a majority of the media today, the show expresses the real truth of life for many today, no matter how hard or heartbreaking it may be.

6. It's emotional

Happy, uncomfortable, scared, worried, sorrowful, joyous....viewers experience a rollercoaster of emotions from tape to tape, and even within each episode.

7. The blurred lines of right and wrong

On multiple occasions the characters are presented with moral dilemmas. Should Justin tell Jessica what happened the night of her party? Should Clay have sent the photo of Tyler? Should Sheri have gone to the police?

8. No clear protagonist

While in most shows you instantly fall in love with the "perfect" character, 13 Reasons Why has no protagonist. There are moments when characters seem admirable for doing something or taking a stand, but you soon realize everyone has their flaws: everyone makes bad decisions.

9. You can find yourself in a character

It might be a whole character, just certain aspects of one, or a mix of multiple. With this, you relate to the show, to the character, and what they're going through: it makes the show more than just something on TV.

10. It creates a discussion

Unfortunately, many people avoid talking about difficult and challenging topics such as depression and suicide. But unlike most things, 13 Reasons Why shines a light on these issues, and in doing so creates a healthy and necessary discussion about prevention and resources.

11. The show's website

Not only does the show bring awareness to such hard topics, but it also stresses the importance of getting help and reaching out before it's too late, like in Hannah's case. One example of this is the show's website, www.13reasonswhy.info, which provides information and resources to those in need.

12. It's more than just entertainment

Yes the show is gripping and hard to stop watching, but there's more to the show than just the entertainment of it. The show tells the truth about what high school life can entail and the struggles many students face. Not only that, but it illustrates how truly terrible these issues can become.

13. The ending

Unfortunately, there is no happy ending: it isn't a fairy tale. We're left with an abundance of unanswered questions and unknowns about the future. And as annoying and frustrating it is not to know, the ending reminds us that there won't always be that joyful ending. The guy won't always get the girl, life will not be happy and perfect, and not everyone will survive. Even with how painful the ending is to watch, it reiterates the severity of these issues, and how detrimental they can be to life.

So if you've watched it, remember what you've learned and take that with you in life, and if you haven't, settle in, it's going to a roller coaster of a ride.

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