13 Reasons To Love Fall
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13 Reasons To Love Fall

Fall is the best time of the year, am I right?

13 Reasons To Love Fall
Daiga Ellaby

There are o many reasons to love fall, but here are some of mine...

1. Football Season (Friday Night Lights, Saturday College Game days, or Sunday Pro)

Whether you're in high school, tailgating for your hometown team on Fridays, a college kid partaking in the marathons of college game days, or a pro football junkie rocking whatever foam finger you might possess from your couch, theres something about football that gets everyone hype. Not to mention all the tailgating food that comes along with.

2. The Leaves Changing

Green is a great color (my fav) and fun to look at for awhile, but there's something about the combination of orange, red, and yellow that makes looking at the trees even better. Especially if you find a cool lookout spot from high up, preferably with a nice hike to compliment it, you truly get the full effect.

3. Fall Menu's (cozy coffee shops) (PSL or salted caramel???)

There's always a moment of indecision when you're deciding between whether you're a pumpkin spice lover or a salted caramel guru, or both?? Whether it's either, there's something about these flavors that compliment fall. I can't sit in cool whether sipping on my regular coffee recipe, it's a must to add some flavor to it.

4. Movies

R.I.P to ABC, but thankful for Freeform and the compilation of holiday movies. Oct 19th starts the 13 days of Halloween and then October 29th starts the transition to Hallmark's Christmas movies.

5. Food (COMFORT FOODS, soup, casseroles, desserts)

6. Fairs and Fall Festivals (Pumpkin patches, Apple Picking, Corn Mazes)

My goodness I can't emphasize this enough. First off, fair food is a once a year occurrence and must not be missed. To miss out on fried Oreo's is like watching a football game without wings, or a movie without popcorn, or Thanksgiving without the turkey, need I say more.

7. Boots, Knitted Sweaters, Cardigans, Flannels, Scarves, Hoodies, & Fuzzy Socks (THUMBHOLES)

Whether you rock bean boots, the latest trendy knee highs, or whatever pair of leather boots you've always had in you're closet, everyone has something. Me on the other hand, I just have one of each. There's something about boots in fall that makes you feel like you can take on anything life throws at you... like losing friction on icy surfaces and falling while dropping your latte.

8. Crisp Air (no humidity.. for a while)

There is nothing like struggling all summer when my hair decides to debut it's inner Afro right after being straightened.. or when my make up decides it just wants to melt off my face and run away. So the sense of relief I feel when the crisp air hits are like no other. Fall is when I look my best... seriously.

9. Snow (or seeing pictures of it)

I tend to act like a child when I see snow. Being from Florida (shout out to my Floridians) I've never experienced a white Christmas.. or anything white for that matter. So if I'm not out playing in the snow wherever I might be, you can catch me googling pictures of it. Whoops!

10. Indoor Time (time with family, starting tv shows, baking)

What a better excuse to stay inside when it's below freezing out? No one wants to mess with that all the time. Plus indoor time means more quality time with family, friends, and the people that are the closest to you. Whether you spend your indoor time baking goods for the holiday parties, binge-watching Netflix shows (or Freeform's holiday specials), or whatever family thing it is you do, indoor time is refreshing.

11. Long Drives for the Scenery

During fall I always catch myself taking the long way home, blasting my favorite music, windows down, and usually ending up lost. Fall only comes for a little while, so you gotta drive around and appreciate it while you can. DUH.

12. Lights, Candles, Action (or Fireplaces)

If you're like me, you stock up on the seasonal scented candles while you can... and probably break fire code with how many I light at once. Same goes for lights, if there's a space for them to be hung, you bet they will be! Then the cold weather is just an extra excuse to light up the fireplace and cuddle up by it, in fuzzy socks, watching holiday movies, of course off Freeform.

13. An extra hour of sleep (day light savings)

I think this is self explanatory, an extra hour of sleep. Thank you daylight savings

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