13 Reasons Why I Love Being A Girl Scout
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13 Reasons Why I Love Being A Girl Scout

I fell in love with Girl Scouts for so much more than just the cookies

13 Reasons Why I Love Being A Girl Scout
Girl Scouts

Being in Girl Scouts for thirteen years has positively influenced my life in so many ways. There are so many memories I made. I fell in love with Girl Scouts the moment I joined in kindergarten. Here are thirteen reasons I love Girl Scouts for every year I was a part of this incredible organization.

1.Builds courage, confidence, and character

Girl Scouts was a really important part of my life becasue it taught me how to have confidence in myself and go big or go home. Not only did it teach me confidence in public speaking and all I do, but it taught be to have confidence in myself. It helped me have the courage to walk up to people and make friends as well as doing crazy exciting things like travel and do new things. It also helped me build character and find who I am

2.The cookies (DUH!)

Okay, I have to admit it. I love the Girl Scout cookies and the fact that each year we get to sample the new ones for free which is a huge perk! The cookies are good in two ways, for eating of course and for teaching girls sales skills. Each box we sell, we get so much of the profit and that money goes to Girl Scout programs and activities!


I cannot count how many times I have gotten to be in charge of something or a major part of it. Girl Scouts gives so many opportunities to become a great leader in not only Girl Scouts, but other clubs as well! I am the current historian of my sorority because I have the leadership skills that Girl Scouts has taught me. They are skills that will get me far in life because I know how to manage something. I will be forever grateful for the skills I have acquired!

4.Developing super awesome skills

Well like I stated above, we develop crazy leadership and sales skills, but we also accumulate other awesome skills such as how to build a fire, how to sew clothes, how to sail a boat. We learn things like how to cook and how to survive in the woods. Or we learn things like how to change a tire and how to apply for jobs! We learn these skills so we can use them in our everyday lives when we graduate and move on from high school.

5.Having amazing opportunities

Because of Girl Scouts, I have had so many great opportunities that not just anyone gets to do. I've gotten to tour the back of Meijer to see how they run the place, I've toured factories, been to conventions, got into certain places at a discount, and so much more! By being a girl Scout people want to help give you those opportunities as well so it makes it easier for people to help you out which gives you more new experiences!

6.Getting involved in the community

Not only do we get to experience new places and things to do, we get to experience new people within the community be helping them! Girl Scouts always step up to the plate to volunteer or do various service projects throughout the community. It is a positive way to give back and meet new people while you're doing it. Some volunteer experiences were my favorite memories!

7.Lifelong friends

I have made so many friends, young and old because of Girl Scouts. Meeting these wonderful people at events, meetings, or even camp helps create these life log memories and friendships that I would not trade for the world! I am still friends with my old troop members and friends from camp from years ago when I was a camper!

8. Camping

Camping holds some of my greatest memories. From when I was a camper to when I was a counselor and this year I will be an employee! When I was a camper, summer camp was the highlight of my summer! Sometimes I would go to day camp and sometimes I would go to resident camp! My mom would send me a care package and I would spend an entire week surrounded by cold showers and government food but they were some of my most memorable summers! As a counselor, I would spend a week teaching kids what I learned as a camper many years ago! and this year as an employee I hope to do the same!

9.Cool uniforms to represent

As a kid, I hated wearing the uniforms until I learned the real meaning of them. To represent something I was so proud of was so fun for me as a child. When I got older and I started earning more badges and patches, I was even more excited to wear it. When I would go out in public for an event and younger girls saw the back of my vest, they would be in awe at how many I had earned and how cool I was. Sometimes I would even get stopped for a photo or a short talk. Just by having the uniform I inspired girls to stay in scouts like I did even when it may have gotten hard.

10.Helping out the younger kids

Helping younger kids when I got older was what I did in my free time. Any moment I had free, I was volunteering for something to help kids. I helped out with three different troops and every single event that my service unit held. I got to know almost all of the kids and I got to see a lot of them grow up because I was always there helping them grow!

11.Resume builder

Staying in Girl Scouts all through high school until I graduated (even though things got hard) was one of the best choices I have ever made. During my last year of Girl Scouts, I created my Gold Award that I also completed. It was a huge day dedicated to art and teaching kids coping skills with art in McKee, Kentucky. After finishing this, it was a huge honor to finally get my award and get recognized for my hard work. It was also a huge thing I could put on a resume that helped me get into my dream school.

12.Makes you a better you

Girl Scouts just simply makes you a better you. You learn so many things about yourself that yeah maybe you could have found out without Girl Scouts but I think Girl Scouts helped me find myself and who I really am. It taught me that I am strong and bold and I can do whatever I put my mind to.

13.Preparing for a successful future

Girl Scouts for sure helps a girl prepare for her future. She is taught all of these skills through journeys, activities, and earning patches and badges. It sets you up to become a successful young woman in society. During meetings with your troop, you can pick what you want to learn because Girl Scouts is so girl lead. During the end of my senior year, I learned how to write a resume with my troop as well as change a tire, health habits, and so much more that would be useful to my college career.

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