It is that time of year again, the holiday season.

Now that Black Friday has passed, if you haven't already done your holiday shopping, it is getting to be crunch time. I can almost guarantee that you do not one to be the one out the night before Christmas Eve, rushing to get everyone's gift and the worst part, rushing to wrap. Get smart and get ahead of the game, and go get that shopping done!

Here a list of 20 reasons why you should get going!

1. Avoid the crowd at the mall!

2. You will have time to wrap each gift beautifully with love.

3. Not one gift will be "last minute."

4. You will have more time for other things like relaxing on the couch gawking at your Christmas tree.

5. Each gift will be thoughtful.

6. You will have time to wrap and rewrap if you make a mistake.

7. You can spread out your budget instead of throwing everything on your credit card.

8. Sales! You can seek them out.

9. Less stress! The sooner you are done, the less stressed you will be.

10. Beat the rush! You won't be in lines for hours.

11. The worry of empty shelves will be non-existent.

12. If you order things online, you won't have to pay for expedited shipping.

13. If you suck at wrapping, you can arrange to have your gifts professionally wrapped.

Don't stress yourself out, go get that holiday shopping done early so you can enjoy the holiday season stress free!