13 Reasons Why Netflix Is The Only "TV" We Need Right Now
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13 Reasons Why Netflix Is The Only "TV" We Need Right Now

Right here is just a small sample of what makes the service so great.

13 Reasons Why Netflix Is The Only "TV" We Need Right Now

As the streaming service Netflix created another television hit with the high school drama "13 Reasons Why," the service now has another great program in their endless slew of other great programs, with Netflix close to dominating the entire television landscape.

While many may be concerned about broadcast and cable, with ratings continuing to drop and drop throughout the years, it feels almost foolish to be concerned when Netflix is the only "television" people really need to have. Right here is just a small sample of what makes Netflix great and why it shouldn't just be considered television, but be considered the only television audiences need.

1. The Variety

The second you log into your account, you are now open to a seemingly endless supply of different types of content. From comedy shows, classics, political dramas, police procedurals, fantasy shows, sci-fi shows and so much more. With so much to watch, you're guaranteed to find more than a handful of great programs to watch.

2. The Prestige

Ever since House of Cards, Netflix has been an Emmy magnet, with dozens of nominations and multiple wins. And this doesn't just apply to one specific show. Dozens upon dozens of original series have garnered such gold standards. Essentially, if you're a Netflix original, you pretty much have a seal of approval.

3. The Binge

One of the biggest things Netflix has popularized is the idea of "binging," where people will sit down to watch multiple episodes of a show in one sitting. This seems weird, but there's a strange appeal to going through multiple episodes of a show in just the span of a few hours. Even more so if said show is serialized, forcing viewers to see each individual episode of one season. Because of binging, people are able to watch one whole season like it's a gigantic movie, making people more engaged and refusing to stop until all the episodes were complete.

4. The Control

While cable networks don't force people to watch their content, timeslots are more often than not a hinderance. With cable, you are either required to record an episode in advance or watch it live at a fixed time, not allowing people to control how they watch and when they watch. With Netflix, those ideas are thrown out the window. Instead, you are able to control how you watch the show, how much you watch the show and when you watch the show, making people no longer slaves to their TV Guides and timeslots.

5. The Addictiveness

With Netflix's easy interface and endless content, people are prone to be transfixed upon the service, trying to watch as many shows as possible, whether it be multiple seasons or a brief dip into the series. Simply put, it's fun to scroll and find something new or enjoy the familiar, and in some cases, people will have a little too much fun.

6. The Originals

I've already gone on about the Emmy nominations Netflix has consistently delivered, but there's even more great original content that flies under the radar, from "A Series of Unfortunate Events" to "Bojack Horseman." Since almost all Netflix originals are made with little to no studio or producer interference, as well as no need to bow down to TV Parental Guidelines, shows are able to be as mature and envelope-pushing as they please without having to appeal to multiple demographics.

7. The Third-Party Shows

Of course most channels can't survive on just original shows. This is where the third-party shows come in. From FOX to CW, people will be able to see plenty of other shows they are either familiar with or have heard of but never watched before

8. The Revivals

Thanks to Netflix not adhering television ratings, the service has now given new air to old shows, both the good (Arrested Development) and the not-so-good (Fuller House). Regardless, audiences now get to see their favorite characters in another rendition, which used to be a complete rarity, but nowadays is the norm.

9. The Video Quality

With HD and 4K resolution for many of the shows and movies on the service, viewers now get to experience quality programming in spectacular video quality in the comfort of their home, which is practically a necessity nowadays to get the best viewing experience.

10. The "Cool" Factor

While Netflix continues to grow in its subscriptions every year, there are still plenty of people who still don't have the service for one reason or another. Because of this, many people who have Netflix have the ability to be considered "special" or "cool" among colleagues. With the service considered the hot new thing, many people will be able to get brownie points and recognition among friends.

11. The Movie Selection

Of course, Netflix isn't just a place to watch TV shows. Their movie selection is home to many great features from all studios, like Disney, Universal, Sony Pictures and much more. There have even been original films like the Oscar-nominated "13th" and the upcoming Will Smith film "Bright." Through old, new and original content, while Netflix prides itself on its television, there are still plenty of great films people can sink their teeth into.

12. The Constant New Content

What makes the service even more exciting is how each month gives something new. Whether it be a cult classic film, the newest hit TV show, or something original, the service has given people a reason to keep renewing their subscription.

13. The Price

While the price varies depending on the resolution and number of screens you want, the streaming service costs $12 at most, meaning people are able to access thousands upon thousands of video content at a pretty small price, making it quite the bargain, especially if one goes for the cheaper plans.

This is just a small sample, but looking at the following, it's really hard to say people should not use Netflix as their primary form of television when it gives audiences everything they can ask for and more.

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