It is known among my friends a few of my favorite things, cooking and Pope Francis. They even got me an “I Love Pope Francis” apron for my birthday last year. If I could meet any celebrity it would most definitely be the Pope Francis. Here are 13 reasons why…

1. The day he was elected he asked all of us to pray for him.

How humbling is it to be elected pope and ask everyone else for prayers.

2. He paid his own hotel bill after being elected and chose public transportation.

From the beginning he showed us his humble nature.

3. He practices what he preaches.

A pope that sneaks out to serve the homeless is one that we all should look up to.

4. He is so genuine.

Always has a smile on his face.

5. He lets the little children come to him.

Just like Jesus, he doesn't yell at them for doing so either.

6. He isn't afraid of the new digital era.

Rather, he embraces it and is a social media sensation.

7. Or having fun.

He truly lives out the Joy of the Gospel.

8. He loves all of God's creatures.

And he isn't afraid to show it.

9. He is basically a rock star.

For real, the pope made the cover of the Rolling Stones.

10. Popemoji.

Basically the greatest thing on the planet.

11. Embraces the ostracized.

And reminds us to do the same.

12. Let's not forget about the babies...

This is pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen.

13. He loves Walsh University!

And Walsh University loves him!