In its nine seasons, "One Tree Hill" really brought the drama. You felt every emotion possible throughout the series from tears to joy, but you never could bring your self to stop watching. Here's a recap of 13 of the most heartbreaking moments in the nine seasons of OTH.

1. When Dan shot Keith

2. When Quentin was shot

3. When Clay and Quinn were shot

4. When psycho Derek kidnapped Peyton

5. When nanny Carrie kidnapped Jamie

6. When Brooke was attacked at Clothes over Bros

7. When Jake leaves

8. When the limo ran off the bridge

9. When Nathan crashed the race car on the racetrack

10. When Peyton goes to the hospital after she marries Lucas

11. Karen's hospital visit

12. When Keith runs the red light

13. When Haley gets hit by the car

If you remember these moments, you are a true "One Tree Hill" fan.