13 Things That Happen When College Girls Try On A New Bathing Suit

13 Things That Happen When College Girls Try On A New Bathing Suit

Do I really even need another bathing suit? Yes, the answer is yes.

Taylor Coffrey

Spring Break is creeping up on us, guys and gals. It will be a blast when it comes, but the preparation is the worst, amirite?

At the top of the list: bathing suits. Every girl knows that trying to find the perfect bathing suit is THE WORST. Whether the carrier doesn't have your size or if the bottoms make your booty look like a saggy diaper, it is just awful.

1. Thinking you will look like a goddess in the first suit you pick out and realizing how wrong you were.

how you think you look:

2. Thinking about how gross it is that someone else has probably tried on this EXACT swimsuit.

Always wear your underwear while trying things on!

3. Trying to tie the suit properly, but knowing this task is nearly impossible as a one-person job.

Not even a human pretzel person could do this alone.

4. Thinking you matched the top and bottom, but the top is teal and the bottom is aqua.

The horror.

5. Trying to figure out all the straps like...

It's like Atlanta spaghetti junction.

6. Thinking "My muffin top is a whole muffin now."

The best part of a muffin is all of it.

7. Finding it disgusting when your chest looks like two deflated balloons in a particularly cute top.

Accurate depiction:

8. Being confused as to why you have to pay for two items when it is ONE BATHING SUIT.


9. Grabbing a one-piece just in case, but realizing you look like a busted can of biscuits in it.

Disappointment. Anger. Sadness. Wishing you hadn't eaten late night pizza all those nights before, but knowing you're going to do it again.

10. Contemplating ordering online.

But how will I know if it fits right? Plus, shipping is a no for me.

11. Being completely washed out by an extremely cute color.

Curse my skin tone. Curse it, I say!

12. "Why did I even come today? My old bathing suits are perfectly fine... except they're not new."

I just wanted something nice and new and I'm feeling so attacked right now.

13. Just buying something else not related to swimwear while accepting defeat.

Swimsuit industry:

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