13 Famous Friend Duos That You And Your Best Friend Basically Are
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13 Famous Friend Duos That You And Your Best Friend Basically Are

13 Famous Friend Duos That You And Your Best Friend Basically Are

We've all got a best friend, or, if you're lucky, you've got a few. It can sometimes be hard to sum up exactly how awesome your relationship with this other person is, so it can be helpful to have some examples to base it on. You and your best friend(s) can probably be compared to some of the following famous duos or, ideally, to all of them. If not, get crackin' because you've got some #friendshipgoals to meet.

1. Spongebob and Patrick, "Spongebob Squarepants"

The Patrick to your Spongebob loves to play with jellyfish, annoy Squidward, eat ice cream, tan, eat at the Krusty Krab, and binge-watch "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy" with you. A true pal.

2. Shawn and Gus, "Psych"

The Gus to your Shawn has been there since day one. They are always down to help you pretend to be a psychic so that you can solve crimes for the police department.

3. Leslie and Ann, "Parks and Recreation"

The Ann to your Leslie tells you what you need to hear. They do whatever it takes to help you turn a pit into a park. They will drive to your house at 4 a.m. to talk to you.

4. Mike and Sulley, "Monsters Inc."

The Mike to your Sulley will do whatever it takes to help you, including helping you break that scare record. They love you unconditionally, even if you harbor an escaped, highly toxic human child that threatens the very world you live in and leads to your eventual banishment, near death, and destruction of the company you work at.

5. Blair and Serena, "Gossip Girl"

The Serena to your Blair has seen you at your worst and your best and has been jealous of how good you look. They have been through a lot of crap with you, but, no matter what, they're always down to gallivant around New York in designer clothing and take posed pictures in front of fountains.

6. Drake and Josh, "Drake and Josh"

The Josh to your Drake loves hugs, and even though they were initially pretty weird and liked magic and stuff, you couldn't make it through the day without them.

7. Woody and Buzz, "Toy Story"

The Buzz to your Woody is a kind and loyal friend, even if initially you thought that the human that controls you would prefer them over you.

8. Harry and Ron, "Harry Potter"

The Ron to your Harry would sacrifice themselves in a game of magical chess for you. They would follow the spiders for you. They would steal a flying car for you. They would be dragged by a dog underneath a deadly and enchanted tree for you. They would be the thing you would miss the most and would have to rescue from a lake. They would jump into freezing water to save your life.

9. Jerry and George, "Seinfeld"

The George to your Jerry lovingly puts up with your nonsense and weirdness and has been doing so for far, far too long.

10. Meredith and Christina, "Grey's Anatomy"

The Christina to your Meredith is your person. If you murdered someone, you would call them to help you drag the body across the floor.

11. Ted and Marshall, "How I Met Your Mother"

The Marshall to your Ted is always up for spontaneous road trips. They're the only person you could spend an extended period of time with in a car listening to the same song on repeat. They would walk 500 miles for you. And then they would walk 500 more.

12. Joey and Chandler, "Friends"

The Joey to your Chandler will sit pensively in a wooden canoe and stare at nothing for a long time. They will buy expensive chairs and watch television for three days straight without saying much, but the silence is always comfortable and wonderful. Would co-own a duck or a chicken with you any day.

13. Tina and Amy, "Life"

The Amy to your Tina is your sister from another mister. Friendship goals. That's all I really need to say here.

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