Cat owners are already used to the crazy label, but for all those clueless pet owners out there who aren’t blessed with a feline friend, here’s a peek into how truly “crazy” our lives are with 13 everyday things that are different when you have a cat.

1. Waking up

Great news – you don’t need to set that annoying alarm on your phone anymore! Instead, you will find yourself waking up to the crushing weight of your cat walking over your sleeping body and meowing in your ear. Added bonus: this wake-up call won’t be at a reasonable time in the morning either.

2. Eating

For the average person, eating is a relaxing and hopefully tasty part of the day. For a cat owner, however, it is the balancing act of trying to hold your plate away from sneaky paws and a persistent nose.

3. Getting ready

Showering, putting on makeup, and getting dressed will never be the same – you’ll always have a little watcher. It might be cute that your cat wants to follow you around, but it takes a while to also not find their presence low key creepy.

4. Walking

A simple, natural activity for normal folk, but an acrobatic-like dance for cat owners who have to step around the furry body that loves twining around your feet for some perilous reason.

5. Sitting

Be it for a brief moment or for an entire Netflix marathon, your cat is surely joining you by sprawling over your lap. And, of course, they are so gosh darn cute you will stay pinned to that one spot for as long as they stay there, or until the urge to move and get blood back into your legs wins out.

6. Using your laptop

For some reason, the moment you open your laptop and start browsing the Internet, the keyboard becomes the most desirable spot for your cat to sit.

7. Cooking

Just like eating, cooking tests your ability to multitask: Keeping an eye on the pan on the stove and also making sure your kitty doesn’t swipe a secret snack off the counter.

8. Cleaning

When it’s cleaning day, you transform into your cat’s worst nightmare, and they can turn into yours. Vacuums, brooms, and Windex are all terrifying objects to your feline friend, and no sooner have you finished tidying up than you’ll find your freshly dusted table covered in paw prints.

9. Taking photos

You’ll be trying to take an IG worthy shot but your cat will somehow manage to photo bomb. Let’s be honest though – half of your IG already is of your cat, so why not add another pic?

10. Laundry

Nothing is better than the smell of clean, fresh towels…and apparently your cat feels the same way, because they make for a perfect nest for napping. You’ll end up having to choose between settling for still fur-covered laundry, or resign to doing a second load.

11. Watching TV

Here’s an example: you’re watching a suspenseful scene and you spot movement out of the corner of your eye, and suddenly your cat has leapt in front of the screen and given you a mini heart attack. It can really add another dimension to the TV viewing experience.

12. Sleeping

Think you’re going to have a peaceful night with the bed all to yourself? HA. Joke’s on you because you’re going to have to find a way to contort your body under the covers to accommodate your cat’s chosen spot, and then find yourself waking up several times in the night to them trying to get into the drawers, dig under the bed, or race around the room with a toy.

13. Basically your entire life

There’s no getting around it that having a cat is like having a rebellious little kid, but for all that your daily activities may become a lil more challenging, that cute furry creature is totally worth the added struggles.