13 Bob Goff Quotes That Will Change The Way You Live

13 Bob Goff Quotes That Will Change The Way You Live

“Words can launch us. We don't need to be a dean to say words that change everything for someone. Instead, God made it so that ordinary people like you and me can launch each other.”

Bob Goff is the New York Times Best-Selling author of "Love Does," founder of Restore International, lawyer, professor, husband, father and friend. But his most important identity is one we all share — child of God. Everyone has specific gifts granted to them and choosing words that impact people just happens to be one of his. Bob inspires people to live life to its fullest and to love people in the way that Jesus loved His friends. Whether it is through his book or his daily tweets and Instagram posts, his words will leave a lasting impact on your daily life.

It was hard to narrow down this list, but here are my favorite Bob Goff quotes that will change the way you live.

1. “I used to be afraid of failing at something that really mattered to me, but now I'm more afraid of succeeding at things that don't matter."

2. “I used to want to fix people, but now I just want to be with them.”

3. “You don't need a plan; you just need to be present.”

4. “Most people need love and acceptance a lot more than they need advice.”

5. “I used to think you had to be special for God to use you, but now I know you simply need to say yes.”

6. "Give away love like you're made of the stuff; we're rehearsing to spend eternity together."

7. “If we only do what we’re familiar with, we might miss what we’ve been made for.”

8. “Whatever you’re aiming for, God’s better.”

9. “We’re all amateurs when it comes to love. Don’t be too hard on each other.”

10. “While you’re figuring out what God wants you to do next — go love everybody.”

11. “Love everybody, always.”

12. “Do what lasts: get around to everything else.”

13. “Love is never stationary. In the end, love doesn’t just keep thinking about it or keep planning for it. Simply put: love does.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Bob this year, and he is just as awesome in person as he is in his book. If you haven’t read "Love Does," go get a copy ASAP. If books aren’t your thing, go follow Bob on Instagram or Twitter. But most importantly, live life to the fullest every day and in the words of my friend Bob, "Love everybody, always."

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Counting It All Joy

Getting lost in the thrill and excitement of what is to come can be an easy trap, but finding joy in everyday life is more rewarding than you can imagine.

Wake up. Shower. Brush your teeth. Throw on clothes. Chug coffee. Go to class/ work. Come home. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Do you ever feel as though your life is simply a process and you are just going through the same motions every day? It is so easy to concentrate on the next exciting, thrilling function to come that we wish away our everyday lives. Not long ago, I came to the realization that to live life to the fullest here in this temporary, earthly life, we must find joy in the small things that God has created.

During Christmas Break, I had no fun, exciting plans until after Christmas. So for the first week, I spent the majority of my time watching Hallmark Christmas movies and focusing on how many days until the "good part" of the break came.

Christmas rolled around, then New Years, and finally it was time for the first major part of my break, Passion Conference in Atlanta. The three weeks leading up to it, I was so anxious to go that I didn't even enjoy fully my time at home with my family and friends.

While in Atlanta, although I loved every second and made great memories, I still wished the time away too quickly. After Passion, some friends and I had plans to go to a Katy Perry concert, so while I loved Passion, I didn't savor it as much as I should have because too much of my focus was on what was coming next: the Katy Perry concert along with a weekend in New Orleans.

When it was finally concert time, my friends and I were ecstatic because the long-awaited "big moment" of Christmas break had finally come. The concert did not disappoint, but I still found myself focusing on what was to come- an endless process of what ifs and what's next.

On the way to Passion, I started reading Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist. My sorority's freshman bible study chair recommended it at the beginning of the semester, but I just found the time to read it.

Shauna talks about all of the small joys we overlook in life and why it is important to remember to savor every moment of good in this world because it is what God's intention for us is. I recently finished the book, and wow, I wish I would have read it sooner. It completely changed my view and upped my appreciation for the small bits of happiness God blesses us with on His earth.

It's never too late for a New Years resolution, right? Well, my resolution is to stop waiting for the next grand event or thrilling adventure.

I want to start cherishing each small moment in every day and counting it all joy.

Whether it is a weekend beach trip with all your friends that you've been waiting on for weeks, the random walk back to your dorm with a sorority sister who spoke just the words you needed to hear, or even that moment of peace when you stand in awe of the beautiful world He has created, it's so crucial to find the nuggets of joy, love, and kindness that our loving Father created for us.

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Why It's OK To Cross Oceans For People

LET’S CROSS OCEANS. Let’s do everything we can, as often as we can, for as long we can, with as much love as we can regardless of what people can do for us.

“Don’t cross oceans for people who wouldn’t jump puddles for you”

“Treat others how they treat you”

“Stop lighting yourself on fire for someone who would watch you burn”

“Stop caring about those who couldn’t care less about you”

I see these statements every day.

Nobody ever told you that life would be fair, in fact, most people probably told you that it wouldn’t be. It’s not. But what is so wrong with that anyway? We discussed this in my small group once and this wise guy I know had a mind-boggling thought: If I got you a gift “just because” and then you ran out and bought me something better because you felt obligated to make things even, wouldn’t that lessen the gift a little bit?

With that being said, LET’S CROSS OCEANS. Let’s do everything we can, as often as we can, for as long we can, with as much love as we can regardless of what people can do for us. Let us be reflections of the God we claim to love.

I think if you can make someone else happy, you should. We are all so capable of being kind, compassionate, generous beings and we choose not to because we don’t think we will get as much in return.

Isn’t that silly? We sit here, as followers of Christ and basically say, “I’m only going to say or do nice things for people who say or do nice things for me.” That is crazy talk! If we are never showing the “unlovable” a little love and light where in the world do you think they’re going to learn to show some love and light? Be someone’s hope, someone’s light at the end of the tunnel, someone’s saving grace.

Let’s make the conscious decision to take bold action in every situation, to say “yes” when people ask us for help and to say “I’m here for you” for the one-hundredth time because they still need to hear it. Step out of your comfort zone and be extraordinary. As John Ortberg once wrote, “If you want to walk on water, you’ve got to get out of the boat.”

Trust me when I say, I know it isn’t always easy. We get frustrated, stressed and hurt just as easily as the next person but we also have a God who displays hope and brings peace. A God who showed us the ultimate sacrifice and example of love when he sent his one and only son to die for our sins.

If nothing else, that’s enough. It’s difficult when people don’t appreciate you but learn this now, you cannot make someone appreciate you or see the good in you. They do or they don’t. No act of kindness (or unkindness) could ever make them see what you have done for them. Learn to love anyways.

Let us be light, let us be loving, let us cross oceans.

Lord I pray that you will open my heart and my eyes to the world around me so that I see what you see. I pray you help me to learn patience, kindness and compassion so that I can be a reflection of you in this crazy world.


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