12 Tips For Ordering At Dairy Queen
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12 Tips For Ordering At Dairy Queen

Make your next trip to Dairy Queen your most successful yet with these 12 tips.

12 Tips For Ordering At Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen

As a society that often values fast food over home cooking, we sure do mess up fast food ordering etiquette all the time. Ordering food at Dairy Queen, an establishment with a seemingly overwhelming number of options and excessively busy workers, almost guarantees these mistakes. To help guide you through your next ice cream run, here are 12 ways to make your visit a little more successful for everyone.

1. DON'T go up to the register before you know what you want to order.

Nothing is more frustrating for the DQ workers and those in line behind you than having to wait for you to make your decision as you hog precious ordering time from everyone else. People get impatient about their ice cream; make your food decision before you get to the register.

2. DO realize that Dairy Queen has a blizzard of the month each month that is not offered throughout the year.

Cotton candy, s'mores, and grasshopper mousse pie are just a few of the limited-time selections offered as blizzards-of-the-month. Take advantage of these offers before they're gone!

3. DON'T go through the drive through if you don't know what you want or have never eaten there before.

Workers are happy to help you figure out the difference between an Orange Julius and a regular smoothie, but when the drive-thru line behind you reaches to the road, you may want to reconsider the situation. Go inside if you're unsure or have questions.

4. DO take note of whether the Dairy Queen you're visiting is a Grill & Chill or a limited Dairy Queen.

Not every Dairy Queen serves fries and chicken strips; double check the menu before you get disappointed at your Dairy Queen's lack of food.

5. DON'T be rude to the workers.

Seriously, Dairy Queen is probably the happiest place on Earth. You're ordering ice cream; what could possibly cause you so much grief that you feel the need to yell at the employees? Next time you get the urge to let out some steam on the Dairy Queen workers, stop and think about the choices you're making in life.

6. DO realize that what is listed on the menu are not your only choices.

This mistake is really only due to ignorance, and is something that can actually benefit the customer. Dairy Queen is happy to substitute your favorite candy into the blizzard (if they carry it, that is), to make a sundae with exactly what you want, to put hot fudge and pineapple in your milkshake, or whatever other crazy combination you can come up with. Be creative and come up with your own blizzard combinations; don't be shy!

7. DON'T order a cake through the drive-thru.

Dairy Queen has a wide selection of ice cream cakes to either pre-order or select directly in-store. However, the drive-thru window is not usually wide enough to successfully fit an entire cake through. Next time, use your brain and go into the building to pick up your cake.

8. DO know the correct way to hand over your money after ordering.

Hand the cashier your change first, and then the bills. Don't fold up the coins inside the bills like a little present...

9. DON'T talk on the phone while ordering in the drive-thru.

Do you understand why this may cause confusion?

10. DO realize that if the workers don't flip your blizzard upside-down before handing it to you, you can get the next one free.

Although it's up to you whether to call them out on this, you can indeed get free ice cream for noticing the mistakes of a Dairy Queen worker.

11. DON'T blame the workers when something you like gets taken off the menu.

Things change, and this includes menu items. If you're frustrated about the dispappearance of your favorite blizzard, try asking a worker to suggest a similar one instead, or find something else you would like just as much. It doesn't have to be a big deal unless you make it one.

12. DO have fun and enjoy your ice cream.

It is Dairy Queen, after all.

With these helpful tips, hopefully your next Dairy Queen visit can be the smoothest yet.

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