12 Times "Teen Wolf's" Stiles Stilinski Stole Your Heart

12 Times "Teen Wolf's" Stiles Stilinski Stole Your Heart

Surviving high school is hard enough without supernatural creatures trying to attack you and your friends every day. MTV’s "Teen Wolf" is currently on its fifth season, and it has been an emotional roller coaster to get to this point. Through it all, one character has stolen your heart: Stiles Stilinski.

Stiles Stilinski is the best friend to werewolf Scott McCall, a Beacon Hills High School lacrosse player and all-around perfect person in every way. At first, it seems as if Stiles is only present for comedic relief and to juxtapose Scott’s transition into werewolf life. Later, it becomes apparent that Stiles is much more. He is the emotional center of the show, loyal to a fault, and the brain behind solving the complicated mysteries his friends are up against.

Some may be swayed by Scott McCall’s charm or Derek Hale’s mystery, but Stiles Stilinski should be everyone’s favorite "Teen Wolf" character. Although I could list something from every episode, here are 12 times Stiles stole your heart.

1. When it comes to Scott, Stiles says it like it is. The two have an epic bromance, and Stiles doesn't hesitate to tell the world how much he loves his best friend.

2. Stiles' unrequited love for Lydia Martin goes above and beyond high school crushes. He goes all out to impress her on her birthday by showing up with a present bigger than the doorway. You probably had some secondhand embarrassment from this scene, but you have to admit, Stiles sure knows how to make a statement.

3. Stiles likes Lydia for who she really is, not the image of herself that she wants other people to see. When everyone else saw Lydia as an airhead, Stiles knew that she was a genius.

4. He will always get your pop culture references, even if none of his friends understand them. It's the little things.

5. He doesn't shy away from showing his emotions. Throughout five seasons, Stiles and his friends have gone through deaths of their friends, mental instability, and have faced supernatural horrors. Every time you see Stiles shed a tear, he takes a bit of your heart with him.

6. Being human in Beacon Hills has it's challenges. Stiles' humor helps him cope and makes him even more adorable. Thank you, Stiles, for your sarcastic comments in times of immense distress.

7. How did Stiles become the problem solver of the show? By sneaking around. He may not be the most subtle, but he usually finds out what he needs to know. His efforts to avoid getting caught make him all the more endearing.

8. Stiles has an incredible relationship with his dad, Sheriff Stilinski. Before the sheriff found out about Beacon Hills' supernatural infestation, Stiles got into trouble sneaking around town and subsequently got his father into trouble at work. Now that Sheriff Stilinski is in the know, the father and son have become a team. Every time Stiles worries about his dad, your heart grows three sizes, Grinch-style.

9. It's kind of cute whenever Stiles arms himself with a baseball bat to fight off monsters. What's surprising is how many times it's come in handy (see #8).

10. When things take a turn for the worse, Stiles risks his life for his friends. Scott was at his lowest point, and Stiles literally stepped in (to a puddle of gasoline) to save his best friend. "Scott, just listen to me. You're not no one. You're someone. You're my best friend. I need you. Scott, you're my brother."

11. Stiles' mom died from a degenerative brain condition six years prior to the start of "Teen Wolf." When Stiles needs to get tested for the same condition, Scott promises Stiles he will find a way to save his life. This scene was a distinctly moving moment for the show and definitely made you cry.

12. If Stiles hasn't stolen your heart by now, get ready: When Melissa McCall, Scott's mom and nurse, helps a sleep-deprived Stiles at the hospital, he mistakenly calls her "mom." Cue the waterworks.

Whether he's making you laugh, or cry, Stiles has a special place in your heart, and these 12 things don't begin to cover it.

If you still don't know what a "Stiles" is, you're definitely missing out, and you should start watching "Teen Wolf" ASAP.

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The Logan Paul Problem From an Ex-Fan

It seems like Logan Paul doesn't consider Japanese people as real people.

Everyone has heard this story by now, but it obviously deserves repetition.

Logan Paul has become a red flag of the ongoing issues of racism, disrespect of culture, and humanity.

In previous articles, I've stated that society needs to reflect upon itself, especially since extremely terrible things are floating around the news as of late. I would rather people have conversations and own up to their mistakes in a world where some people think that there are no limits or boundaries. Some people think their elitist mentality is "cute" and have no problem with exploiting it online.

"Some people" refers to Logan Paul, if you're catching my drift.

I used to be a fan of Logan Paul. I watched his Vines, some of his YouTube videos, and I enjoyed them. Now, I hadn't been watching for several months, but I was still subscribed to him until recently. I got notifications when new videos came out. By his clickbait-y titles, I could tell he was running out of ideas. I lost interest in him screaming at me (so loudly that I'd have to turn down my volume) in every video way before I noticed his creativity diminishing.

That being said, he has somehow put himself on a magic carpet that flies him high above everyone else. He thinks he's invincible because, well, you know, he "gets views". He found nothing wrong with going into a restricted area, filming the body of a suicide victim up close, and making unfunny, awkward jokes around it. Not to mention that stupid, God-awful hat that he thought was appropriate for the topic that he claims he was aiming to get across in the video.

This is not how you bring awareness to mental health and suicide!

You do not disrespect the body of anyone who has passed. You have disrespected them and their family. You are a terrible human being for exploiting this all for an "accomplishment" in your YouTube career. You wanted it to be the next big thing, but you miscalculated the consequences... extremely. You deserve the backlash and criticism you are receiving, and shame on you if you think differently.

As for the racist and disrespectful displays throughout Japan (i.e. throwing Pokeballs at cars and Japanese people "trying to capture them", destroying the Gameboy after purchasing and trying to return it, screaming in the streets and disrupting the social climate, etc.), it seems to me that Reina Scully, a Japan-born YouTuber, put it best when she said, "...he doesn't really respect the Japanese as people, almost as if he sees us as characters, maybe."

The way he behaved in the viral cut-down video demonstrated such condescending behavior any time he would bring up respecting the Japanese culture. Any time he'd get in trouble with officers or at a restaurant by taking bread for food from display, he'd be incredibly patronizing towards those who confronted him. It's almost as if he feels like he shouldn't be reprimanded for what he's doing! He would make fun of the culture by wearing a Kimono and a rice hat while running around and harassing people. He's become so hungry for status and for fame that he will do anything to remain "on top".

However, the worst part of it all is that even after his two piss-poor attempts of apologizing, his subscriber count has continued to rise. It slowed the day he debuted his video, and maybe the day afterwards, but the numbers still continue to climb. As of January 7th, he has gained over 300,000 new subscribers, and that number continues to grow. I can only point the blame to two parties as the cause.

YouTube needs to reevaluate their algorithm for even putting his video on the Trending page for as long as they did. Someone must've viewed his video, said, "Yeah, this is fine," and passed it onto the Trending tab. It was watched by more than six million people before being removed. It was number one on the Trending page. Number one. YouTube is definitely owner to partial blame for it getting as many views as it did before he took it down.

Also, his audience has a lot to do with his success. The fact that they are overlooking his scandal as a mistake is what is wrong with society. They're giving him a pass for something so despicable, and I'm disgusted. Logan Paul had also apparently monetized his apology video and his fans continue to watch and continue to support him for doing what no sane human would ever do. The jaw-dropping increase in subscribers is alarming and disturbing.

I have never been more disappointed to be a part of human society than I am writing this article. There is no shame, no guilt, and no sincerity from Logan Paul or his viewers. I'm ashamed of myself that I ever watched him. I'm ashamed that I was ever a fan of him, and I'm ashamed everyone backing him doesn't feel the same way.

Cover Image Credit: en.wikipedia.org

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10 People Living Intentionally That We Should All Take A Lesson From

10 people who are living their lives in an Intentional way

To be Intentional is to live with a deliberate purpose. How many of us have something we really care about but gets pushed to the back burner because of school, bills, work, and family concerns? It is only natural to focus on our most immediate needs and want to put out all the mini "fires" that randomly pop up, but sometimes we get into a fog of accidental living which is the opposite of intentional.

We walk around just letting life happen to us and not shaping our existence. This article isn't to call you out or call you to action (though if the shoe fits I hope you take a moment and evaluate where you are.) I just wanted to highlight ten people in no particular order whom I believe are living intentionally and have impacted me. One thing you can believe is that no matter what thing you chose to focus on or intentionally act upon, people will take notice and be effected.

1. Majora Carter, Environmental Justice Advocate

I was able to experience a lecture from and meet Majora Carter at the 2017 Appalachian Energy Summit this past summer and she is amazing! She decided to defend her neighborhood from bigger forces that wanted to degrade her neighborhood and was successful. She went on to Launch multiple programs that targeted lack of employment within her own community. She didn't start "globally" she started living intentionally within her community and it managed to touch so many people. Check out her TED talk 'Greening the Ghetto" here. You can find out more about what Majora is up to here!

2. Kimberly Bryant, Founder of Black Girls Code

While pursuing her studies, Kimberly felt culturally isolated and decided to launch Black Girls Code. She hopes to provide young and pre-teen girls of color opportunities to learn in-demand skills in technology and computer programming at a time when they are naturally thinking about what they want to be when they grow up. That, really, is the Black Girls Code mission: to introduce programming and technology to a new generation of coders, coders who will become builders of technological innovation and of their own futures.You can find out more about what Kimberly is up to here!

3. Colin Kaepernick, Social Activist/Free Agent Football Player

While Colin Kaepernick is an athlete, his story of kneeling during the National Anthem has splashed on so many other lives and other industries. He inspired so many people within the Black Lives Matter movement. He made a decision to be intentional with his protest and the ripples and waves still shake us now. You can find out more about what Colin is up to here!

4. Yoon mi-rae, South Korean Rapper & Singer

Yoon Mi-Rae is an American born South Korean Hip-Hop Artist. She is considered an African-American in Korea and experiences extreme colorism. Despite this, she continues to make her art and perpetuates her beliefs about equality throughout Korea. You can find out more about what Yoon is up to here!

5. Zim Ugochukwu, founder of Travel Noire

I have had the privilege of meeting Zim and hearing her passionately speak about her dreams for people of color traveling and receiving more exposure. She took that dream and grew it into a company valued into the millions. She was then able to sell her company for a profit. Wherever she goes, you can feel the authenticity of who she is and what she believes. She experienced tourism and then thought intentionally of what she could do to change the trends. You can find out more about what Zim is up to here!

6. Sam Mcmullen, Co-founder of Live Zero Waste

I personally find Sam Mcmullen to be so inspirational. He decided to live a lower waste life and then help others to think about what he could do to change his reality and impact on the environment in which we live. He encourages others (including myself) to take the step of lessening their personal 20,000lbs of waste.You can find out more about what Sam is up to here!

7. Morgan DeBaun, Founder of Blavity

So If you haven't heard of Blavity yet, you are severely missing out!! Blavity is a tech media platform built for up and coming Black creators, makers, and people who like dope things. Blavity was formed because Morgan Debaun and her team were fed up with portrayals of Black culture that don’t accurately reflect Black People. Blavity believes that Black culture is so dynamic and its many representations should be showcased. They saw an opportunity to intentionally create worthwhile engaging and creative content to consumers. You can find out more about what Mogan is up to here!

8. Tavonia Evans, CEO of $Guap Coin

Tavionia is a veteran and "mompreneur". Tavonia Evans decided intentionally to create and launch – the very first initial coin offering (ICO) aimed at recycling wealth within the black community. $Guap Coin breaks into the world of cryptocurrency with a focus on black-owned businesses and an ambitious goal of rewarding African American consumers for supporting black businesses, grassroots organizations, HBCUs, and other black organizations. $Guap is a spendable token built on Etherean Blockchain Technology designed to "restore and expand 'Black Wall Street' larger than it ever was," according to its Blavity.com. Reading about her was exciting and I definitely knew that I should share. You can find out more about what Tavonia is up to here!

9. LeeAnne Walters, Activist

Walters is the mother of four who first exposed Flint’s staggering lead levels to EPA officials after the city and the state failed to respond. Her choice to intentionally share her heartbreaking testimony inspired others to speak up, join her, and it finally gave Flint the Platform it needed. In recent months, she’s stepped onto the conference circuit to raise awareness about her city’s ongoing struggle and the presence of lead elsewhere. You can find out more about what LeeAnne is up to here!

10. Issa Rae, Creator/Director

I was so honored to actually meet Issa Rae (though she wouldn't remember me, my friends and I drove over fifty miles to see her.) With her own unique flare and infectious sense of humor, Issa Rae's content has garnered over 23 million views and over 200,000 YouTube subscribers (and counting). In addition to making Glamour Magazine's "35 Under 35", Forbes' "30 Under 30" and Entertainment Weekly's "Breaking Big" lists, Issa's hit series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl was the recipient of the coveted Shorty Award for Best Web Show.

Issa's first book, a collection of essays, is a New York Times Best Seller and her latest project, Insecure, a half-hour comedy show for HBO, premiered in the fall to rave reviews and earned her a Golden Globe nomination. You can find out more about what Issa is up to here!

I hope that learning about any one of the phenomenal people have inspired you to take what you care about an intentionally take steps toward being more involved. There is the saying that "Beyonce has the same amount of hours in the day as you " and that is true for these individuals as well. The only difference is intentionality. Take what matters to you and work on it!

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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