12 Thoughts You Have At The End Of Sophomore Year, As Told By 'Friends'
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12 Thoughts You Have At The End Of Sophomore Year, As Told By 'Friends'

Here's to the next two years...but for now 'we are on a BREAK!'

12 Thoughts You Have At The End Of Sophomore Year, As Told By 'Friends'
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end of your sophomore year of college isn't only an indication of another year gone by, but for people in four year programs, like me, it's the end of the first half of your college career. Break it down however you want, two years down and two to go, or four semesters down and four to go. However you spin it, your first two years at college, in theory, have taught you lessons, matured you in more ways than others and have hopefully given you the tools to make it through another two years. So in honor of this crazy milestone, here are 15 thoughts and feelings we've all had at the end of sophomore year, as told by Friends.

1. When you realize that even though you were a freshman last year when summer ends in a few months you'll be a junior.


Yeah I know, It's totally crazy and it went by super fast but that's how the world works.

2. At this point, you've learned to rely on yourself more...


You know yourself and you're awesome. Trust in yourself and the skills you've learned. For some people, college is their first taste of independence so don't be afraid to rely on yourself and discover who you are.

3. But it never hurts to lean on your friends every once in a while.*


In the last two years you've been at school hopefully you've made some good friends, I know I have. It's nice to know that they'll be there to encourage and support you. Remember to trust the people that are there for you through hard times.

*Don't lean on them literally

4. When you realize how many essays you've written in the past two years and how many more are still to come.


After four semesters of short papers, long papers, difficult papers and all other papers in between, you've not only created quite a collection for yourself, you've hopefully learned the difference between your and you're. Example: Your nice and this is you're car.

Wait! Scratch that. Guess I'm glad I still have two more years!

5. When a junior or senior tells you to "wait until next year."


Look, I know what's coming, but you don't have to remind me!

6. When you realize the semester is almost over but you've never gone to your professor's office hours to butter them up.


I'm sometimes guilty of this but you can't blame me, it was January yesterday and today it's May, do my professors know who I am? Because I promise, I didn't have the time.

7. When someone asks you what your plans are for after college and you realize "after college" is less than two years away.


We've heard this question hundreds of times and each time we brush it off, but maybe this time the person asking is on to something.

8. When you decide to put off working on your final paper until the last minute, even though you promised last semester was the last time you'd do it.


Procrastination is one of those things you just can't shake no matter what. On the bright side, you can convince yourself that you've escaped its clutches for a few months before you procrastinate another assignment "one more time."

9. When you realize finals are around the corner!


I don't know if it's just me, but between the weather and the snow days, I swear it's still February. You've had three semesters of finals so far, but it never fails to send alarm bells off in your head.

10. When you've been studying for a final for the longest time and you just finished it taking it.

Finals are daunting but for every bit of stress you feel, once you're done it's the best feeling ever. Double that feeling if that final was your last one of the semester and you get to go home.

8. When you realize you're going home!

fter a long semester, the idea of going home is absolutely liberating and can send people over the moon. You've had a long year, treat yourself!

9. When you realize you're going home (alternate)


As excited as you were to go home, realization sinks in that you'll miss your old routine at school, as well as all your friends.

10. When someone asks if you plan on doing anything this summer since you didn't do anything last summer


or me, summer is the best time of year, it's also the perfect time to get a lot of stuff done. Unless, you're me and do nothing and justify it by saying "we were on a break." If I've learned anything these past two years at college, it's to make the most out of my free time and constantly work to better myself.

11. When you look back at all the things you've learned and you tell yourself you'll remember them next year.


Rachel is you promising yourself to do better at the end of the year. Chandler is you looking back on that promise and choosing a different path.

12. But at the end of the day, you know you’ve grown up, made some great friends and the idea of the next two years isn’t something to be afraid of because you’re up for the challenge.

College is an exciting journey that you learn a lot from and for every negative thought, there is a positive one. Try to look for silver linings, I promise it’s not as bad as it seems.

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