Every sorority girl's favorite day of the year is Bid Day. They wait all summer for rush to start and they dread all of rush week awaiting the day, bid day. It is the day the new babies run up to the house crying tears of joy, laughing uncontrollably and smiling the biggest smiles you've ever seen. It's the beginning of something that will shape you into who you are; it's the day you meet your future bridesmaids. Here are a few thoughts every girl has on this day.


2. I'm never going to get this glitter out of my hair.

3. I really hope that girl I talked to remembers me.

4. Thank God, I can wear sneakers.

5. I'm so hyper even though I've gotten zero sleep.

6. How am I going got get ready in time?

7. I need to find a little


9. I don't even know who I'm hugging right now, but who cares?!

10. I have no voice but I need to sing.

11. Can this day never end?

12. I need to get a good picture for Instagram.

13. This is better than Christmas morning.

It truly is the best day of the year. You gain 100 new best friends and it's the first memory you have of everything you've ever dreamed of.