12 Things You Should Probably Stop Telling Communications Majors Immediately
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12 Things You Should Probably Stop Telling Communications Majors Immediately

Yes, this is actually what I want to do with my life.

12 Things You Should Probably Stop Telling Communications Majors Immediately
Nick Young

I’m a media major and, honestly, I’m damn proud of it. I love journalism, I love video production and though I hate the sound of my own voice, I don’t mind working with audio. There’s very little I can actually see myself doing other than working in the media. But as a second semester junior, I am beginning to look at jobs and internships, and get ready for the real world because, whether I like it or not, graduation will be here sooner rather than later (and those student loans will catch up as well.) Though I love what I do and don’t regret it one bit, a lot of others seem to question my choice in a major. So to all my biology, accounting, business and other friends with a “real” major or family members who don’t quite know what I’m doing, here are some things you should probably stop telling that media major in your life.

1. You know you’re probably not going to have a good paying job right?

Don’t worry about me, I’ll have a job, one that pays. You worry about yourself, kid.

(Yes, this is Drake. Yes this is Degrassi).

2. So what do you really do as a media/communications/journalism/etc. major?

Oh, nothing really. Yeah there’s social media in there, and a bit of video work and audio. Quite a bit of writing. There’s some theory in there too. Oh and you know, we kind of have a mix of other majors in there too: English, a bit of sociology, anthropology and psychology from time to time. But you know, nothing much.

3. I bet it sucks looking for internships, doesn’t it? Must be so competitive.

Does it not suck for everyone…?

4. Why journalism? That’s kind of a dying field, isn’t it? What are you going to do?

Maybe, but I love it, and I’m going to do what I love so...

5. You’re so lucky! Media majors only have to write papers and have no tests!

Oh yeah, that’s all we do. I just have to write two 2,000 word papers, one 1,000 word essay, a video project, a radio feature, write three reviews, make up a mock arts magazine and a reflective essay on those reviews. But don’t worry, I don’t do much.

6. So you want to work in broadcast journalism, like TV... do you want to be a news anchor?

You’re damn right. I’m going to kill it as well.

7. You’re taking a film class? So you get to just watch movies in class and for homework… three times a week?

Yeah… but like any other class… I have to apply theories and explain them with academic sources and my own opinion, I just get to use Deadpool as an example instead of Hamlet.

8. You’re so lucky! Media is so easy.

Yeah actually, I just frolic through fields and pick flowers.

9. Your homework is to tweet for class? That’s so easy!

Yeah, social media is part of the media. Also it may be easy but it’s still for a grade.

10. Do you even really need to go to school for that? I mean, it’s just writing.

Oh yeah, because I was born an expert at writing.

11. You’ve listed your major as Global Media? So that’s like… international studies right?

Yes. I am studying political science… via this Arts and Entertainment Journalism class.

12. Wait so, you didn't change your major to this? This is what you chose originally?

Yup, and I love it.

So thanks for all your concerns, non-media majors, but I think we're all going to be okay.

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