12 Things Only People Obsessed With Babies Will Understand
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12 Things Only People Obsessed With Babies Will Understand

This article contains pictures of the most adorable internet babies. Look at your own risk.

12 Things Only People Obsessed With Babies Will Understand

Comedian, writer, actor and producer Jim Gaffigan said it best when he talked about his own kids by saying, "Babies should be classified as an antidepressant. It's pretty hard to be in a bad mood around a five-month-old baby." This is absolutely true, the pure innocence and joy of a tiny human is by far the best

1. You connect with every baby you see.

2. Not understanding why people aren't obsessed with babies as much as you.

3. Walking away from a sleeping baby is like cutting off an arm.

4. You've seen all the baby memes...

5. Walking through the baby aisle at Every. Single. Store.

This site looks all too familiar to you, and you might be guilty of looking at baby items TOO much.

6. Your heart skips a beat thinking about the moment you can use the Pinterest board for your own babies.

This is your favorite board, too.

7. Baby talk is your second language.

8. Your baby box can barely handle the sight of any baby let alone twins or any multiple of babies.

9.You're okay with spit-up now.

Spit happens, man...

10. Sometimes you cry when you see the cutest baby.

11. Somewhere, at some time you have made your own list of names for your future kids.

and if you do, it's long...


Sour, funny, sad, happy: They're all adorable.

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