12 Struggles Of Being A Photographer

12 Struggles Of Being A Photographer

Manual mode is still not my friend.

Anyone can walk into their local Best Buy or hop onto Amazon and check out any camera they want, assuming they are fortunate enough to have the money to do so. This makes for a ton of people just like me--those who have a wonderful, professional-quality camera but, at times, we feel like we have no idea what we're doing. Taking photos is my absolute favorite thing to do and, even though I've had this camera for more than 5 years, I still discover new settings to try out and inevitably get frustrated with.

1. Not being quite sure how to work your camera

5 years and counting--Manual Mode is still not my friend.

2. Getting frustrated at iPhone photography

Why is it that I can spend thousands of dollars on a camera and fancy lenses and someone can take photos just as crisp and beautiful on their phones? Not fair.

3. Being jealous of someone who has no interest in pursuing photography having a nicer camera than you


4. Slowly realizing how much cameras/accessories cost

The struggle is real.

5. Trying to get people to notice your hard work without feeling like you're bragging too much

I absolutely hate talking about myself, so this is definitely up there for me.

6. Finding people who don't mind having to stay in a pose while you get everything just the way you want it

Again, actually knowing how to work your camera is a big help with this.

7. Being as stealth as possible while photographing random people/their kids

Everyone act natural.

8. Missing the perfect shot

Whether it's because the sun changed positions or something else, this is definitely the most frustrating thing.

9. People thinking, "How hard can it be to point a camera at something and press a button?"

How about I hand this thing to you on Manual and we'll see how you do, huh?

10. Standing in the middle of the road and hoping you don't get run over

Go ahead, hit me, pay for my tuition.

11. The awkward moment when you're trying to take a photo and people are waiting to walk in front of you and there's just too much pressure to concentrate

Especially if you're in a weird crouching position trying to get the perfect angle.

12. Making all your friends wait for you while you pause to take a picture everywhere you go

This is what best friends are for, right?

To anyone out there who has experienced these struggles, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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Cover Image Credit: Post Malone // Instagram

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Hello, Goodbye

Why do so many hellos end in goodbye?

We can say hello, just as fast as goodbye. Just like waves come and leave ashore. It's funny how many hellos and goodbyes a person can say in their lifetime.

Some of our hellos we have said are lifelong hellos and some are just for a little while, until its time to say goodbye. Those short hellos can be some of the hardest goodbyes we might ever have to part with.

Some goodbyes are because of deaths or breakups; no matter the bond we know we have to say goodbye. Goodbyes can be one of the hardest things to face. The people we love sometimes are not intended to be in our lives forever and we ask ourselves, why must these people, who we love, have to leave?

I don’t know the answer to that question. I don’t think anyone will ever really understand why? But, they were brought into our lives for a reason - a lesson perhaps. Peyton Sawyer once said that “people always leave.” I guess, she was right. People do always leave and sometimes the person may not even know its happening.

You may have seen them start to slowly fade away and you know you have to move on and let go. It’s harder holding on to someone who stops loving you. We find ourselves asking can we ever go a day without thinking of them?

And we sure hope so, because every day there is this pain in our hearts from where we opened up and loved. I think every day that hurt slowly heals, but like any other wound, you are left with a scar that will be there forever.

So, as humans, we will still catch ourselves wondering why are there so many hellos that end in goodbye?

Cover Image Credit: pxhere

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