12 Signs You Are A Hypebeast
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12 Signs You Are A Hypebeast

Money ain't an issue when you living the hypebeast life

12 Signs You Are A Hypebeast

We all have that one friend who is on the game with fashion and what they are wearing and are dressed head to toe in the latest brands and what hip hop artists are wearing and repping. We call these individuals hypebeasts and they are people who follow trends in fashion specifically streetwear, for the purpose of making a social statement. Hypbeasts have become obsessed with being the best dressed in streetwear brands like Supreme, Bape, Vlone to name a few common brands. How can you tell who is a hypebeast? Here are 12 signs:

Matching outfits are really important

You learn to not mix brands together. One day it will be an Off White day followed by the next day Supreme and so on and so forth. You care about matching outfits but you don't want to be to matchy match.

They love their shoes

When you enter their room a hypebeast has a whole shrine dedicated to their many YEEZY's, Air Jordans and Nike Air Forces. They worship their shoe and treat them as if it was their baby.

You will camp out for hours just to cop a limited-edition item

Sleep is for the weak as they all say. If there is some item you want you will make it a mission to cop those latest YEEZY's or a new Supreme tee.

Buying things gives you a temporary high

If that means splitting the bill with multiple credit cards to pay for that said item, signs are you are a hypebeast. A temporary high is felt when you copped that special item you wanted. Your best bet is to swipe and hope.

They know all the brands

With so much time dedicated to online shopping and spending their time in the store a hypebeast will be in the know of all the brands whether well known or start ups.

Clothing isn't the only way to show your hypebeast life

Brands are creative in slapping their logo to advertise and hypebeasts will pay that money to show off their memorobia. Whether it be headbands, toys, jewelry or even foldable chairs like the one Supreme has.

They depend on Instagram likes

A hypebeast knows that their worth is measured purely by what other people think. And where can you truly see the thoughts of others? On Instagram.

Their wardrobe is more like a museum

Hypebeasts do not just wear clothes, they collect them. The word "deadstock," meaning brand new and unworn, is often used to describe the merchandise they compile.

Dressing up wherever they go out is a must

No matter for what occasion, hypebeasts make it a competition in who can be the best dressed in any situation.

You use slang hypebeast words everyday

Words such as cop, steal, and beaters are the basic hypebeast vocabulary words that beginner hypebeasts start to understand. Then they go onto the more complicated words such as Deadstock and the many other phrases.

Owning a fanny pack is a must

Who would have thought that fanny packs were to come back into style? Fanny packs are a must when you go out.

You will always be proud of being a hypebeast

So what if people such as your family, friends or society do not approve of you being a hypebeast? People have different hobbies whether it be collecting wine bottles or into sports. You are special and you should embrace the hypebeast culture.

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