12 Scream-Along Songs That Prove Kelly Clarkson is the Queen of Anthems
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12 Scream-Along Songs That Prove Kelly Clarkson is the Queen of Anthems

Here's the thing, you've been turning her music up-up-up-up all night long without realizing your life would suck without this Miss Independent

12 Scream-Along Songs That Prove Kelly Clarkson is the Queen of Anthems
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If you had to list some Queens of 21st century music, you're gonna get a list of Beyonces, Taylor Swifts, and the like -- but Kelly Clarkson?! We might want to forget that we screamed along to her insanely high notes on a portable CD player 10 years ago, but Kelly's consistent production of basic, yet relatable anthems keeps her career around and her breathy falsetto woven into our lives.

Who wouldn't vote for those pigtails? Stepping hot off the first season of American Idol (throwback to the days of Randy, Paula, and Simon) with those stripey highlights reminiscent of the 90's, Kelly Clarkson blasted her way into our lives with "Miss Independent" and never really left. 14 years and eight albums later, Kelly's career is still alive and kicking. A serious association with the early 2000's and everything that came with them, she is definitely the low key queen of anthems in the last decade. Check the list of her hits -- you will sing along. Let it happen. She's in everyone's guilty bank of lyrics.

1. "Miss Independent"

This 2003 hit used the title "Miss" 20 times without counting the words containing "mis-" as the prefix, but that didn't stop us from loving it. American Idol and Miss Independent herself, Kelly established that she was here to take some titles early on.

2. "Because of You"

Teaching the youth street safety and the power of a strong belt mixed with light piano, the emotional track guaranteed everyone was hooked on Kelly's second album.

3. "Since U Been Gone"

HERE'S THE THING. It started off with the trendy use of single letter 'u' in the title- to belittle the person who was "gone"? To show they weren't worth the two extra letters and proper spelling? To demonstrate prowess as a hip, tech-savvy 2000's icon? Read into it all you want, but the most important contribution this song brought to music was the line that demanded to be shouted: "I'm so moving on."But this track did anything but move on. This song was so iconic it was revived and immortalized once more in "Pitch Perfect" as an a capella montage, rekindling the need for it to be shamelessly sung along to.

4. "Breakaway"

2004 was really the year of Kelly, which she reminded us of with this title-track to her second album. Another anthem relating to the average listener as Kelly reminds us in the opening line that she "grew up in a small town."

5. "Behind These Hazel Eyes"

I can hear the intro guitar chords now. This song was the epitome of teenage angst Kelly managed to embody without going the punk rock route. Does she even have hazel eyes? Safe to assume so, but the point is that you won't get to see the tears they cry. Because she's an anthem queen.

6. "My Life Would Suck Without You"

Skipping ahead to 2009, Kelly was once more giving us a song to scream (singing for her, but who else can belt those high notes so beautifully?) along to on the radio. Our lives would suck without you, Kelly.

7. "Already Gone"

A solid addition to any breakup playlist, Kelly proved she can create another anthem from a ballad. Apparently "gone" is a theme for her, but contrary to the title she stuck around to grace us with another classic track.

8. "Mr. Know It All"

Ooh, perhaps about the adversary of the young Miss Independent? Not to harp on themes, but . . . definitely sensing some patterns. Hey, the originals work, so why stray from the anthem success?

9. "Catch My Breath"

Ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-catch Kelly playing with some fun repetition while artfully mimicking catching one's breath. if there's one thing she's really hammering home after all these years, it's the whole independence thing. TEACH US, KELLY.

10. "Dark Side"

Even Kelly Clarkson has one! Aside from the slightly creepy lullaby intro, this song stays true to her positive, relatable messages. And, once more, it's ideal for screaming along to in the car -- key to any anthem and prevalent in Kelly's.

11. "Stronger"

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. It's a cliche motto, but Kelly did what she does best and revamped it into an anthem. You literally will not be able to forget that after hearing this song. She won't let you. It's the chorus.

12. "Heartbeat Song"

TURN IT UP-UP-UP-UP ALL NIGHT LONG! Pretty much what we've all secretly done with Kelly's songs over the years. And this was only twelve of them. We might have considered her a harmless guilty pleasure back in the day, but I think it's safe to say she has some staying power at this point. She's not the first name that comes to mind, but the amount of anthems this pop queen has is undeniable!
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