Two weeks ago I went on the most amazing trip of my life. I spent ten days in an incredible country called Israel. I am so glad people convinced me to go, so now I will convince you to.

1. It is a free trip to Israel

Traveling can get expensive especially when you go half way across the world! This trip is completely free, you just have to bring spending money. Why wouldn’t you want to go?

2. The Food

Honestly the best food I've ever had. Falafel, shwarma, shnitzel, hummus, pita, the list goes on and on. It is all extremely tasty and you can get it literally anywhere.

3. Culture

The culture here is completely different than what we are all used to. Israel is a second home to many and became a second home to everyone that went on the trip.

4. Education

We learned so much about the country, the people, the culture, fun facts, everything. I now know more about Israel and the Jewish religion than I ever thought I would.

5. Adventure

This is an adventure of a lifetime. You get to spend ten days in a foreign country, meeting new people, building better relationships, having the time of your life.

6. Mishpacha (family)

The people that are on the trip with you truly become your family. You spend every second of everyday with them and really get to know and love them. Even after the trip is over with you will still talk to them everyday.

7. Masada

One of the most famous birthright spots. You hike this mountain at like four in the morning just so you can see the amazing view of the sunrise in the morning. The hike up is not that bad and the view is just breathtaking.

8. Camels

Best selfie you will ever take, no joke. It's such a cool experience. Camels aren't everywhere, but they are in Israel and you get to ride them on birthright!

9. Experience

Nothing is better than traveling with 40 of your new friends, making memories, doing things you never thought you would do. It makes you appreciate being jewish and the religion so much more.

10. Your Tour Guide

They know everything about Israel. They are extremely funny, kind, caring and they make sure you have the best time of your life. They will give you memories and inside jokes that you will keep forever.

11. The dead Sea

You have never floated like this. Your skin will never be softer. It is so cool. You can go as deep as you want and have no fear of drowning. Putting mud on your body is so much fun and the photo shoot you have after is even better.

12. Your Soldiers

These people are the greatest people you will ever meet. They are amazing in every way possible. Smart, funny, kind, incredibly strong, and incredible friends. You will keep in touch with them even after your trip is over. You share your stories with them and they share theirs, you learn about their lives and you create such a strong bond with them that you will never lose.

I strongly urge you to take this opportunity. Once you go you will never want to leave. You will want to be right back there with the people you just met and realize this trip was the most amazing ten days of your life.