"God made us Cousins, because he knew our moms couldn't handle us as sisters." To this day, this is one of the most relatable quotes I've ever heard. I truly believe that there's a special place in our hearts for cousins.

1. They love you no matter what.

Maybe it's just because they're stuck with you, but family is always there for you. Especially your cousins, because you probably have some dirt on them too. They're the ones you call late at night, because there is literally no one else you can talk to.

2. You've literally known each other forever.

There is no awkward introduction with you two. You've just kind of always known each other. This is another reason to place them above all of your other friends because you have more memories with them when you were younger.

3. They know your entire family because they're a part of it.

You share the same feelings about certain family members, and fight over the favorite Aunt's cookies. Boring family reunions? At least that cousin is there to laugh through it with you. Your mom knows their favorite meal, and they always get to go on vacation with you, because your parents trust their's and vice versa.

4. You probably bathed together... instant BFF's.

I mean, you played with naked Barbies and rubber duckies. Not to mention, you saw each other naked. If that doesn't make you two best friends, I don't know what will.

5. You're as annoyed with their siblings as you are your own.

Venting about obnoxious siblings is one of your favorite past times. Not to mention that your cousin probably feels the same way and will actually agree when you say things you don't really mean.

6. You probably had matching Easter dresses once upon a time.

The gloves, hats, tiny purses and lacy socks... Grandmas never cease to add ridiculous accessories when it comes to Easter Sunday festivities.

7. They tell you like it is.

Didn't brush your hair this morning? They'll let you know how bad it looks. The boy you're dating isn't right for you? You can count on them to set you straight. They don't hold back, which is the type of person everyone needs in their life.

8. It's totally normal to take them as your prom date because everyone knows you're related.

There's nothing worse than going to your senior prom without a date. Who better to ask than your cousin? I mean she sort of has to go with you, because you have some bad black mail waiting to use.

9. You can show up at each other's house at any hour, and the door is always open.

It is probably expected that you are coming over. Most of the time the porch light is on, and the door's unlocked. Maybe, just maybe, your favorite meal will be on the table.

10. You sort of look alike.

You both complain about your crooked fingers or too much junk in the trunk. Sometimes those things run in the family, and you both have them. It is kind of cool to share some genetics with your best friend, at least I think so.

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11. They've been there through it all.

From the new baby cousins to the mourning of a lost loved one, they were there. They are there for every high and every low. The companionship that comes with that is one that lasts forever.

12. The inside jokes are endless.

No one understands your relationship like the two of you. You can't expect them too, either. I mean, how do you explain 17 years of inside jokes and memories? You two can turn anything into a joke and never cease to lighten up a room.

There is really no way to explain the bond between cousins. There are so many reasons why everyone should have a special cousin. Not the kind you only see on holidays, but the kind that is there 24/7 waiting to pick you up when you fall. So never take your cousins for granted. Always remind your cousins how much they mean to you.