12 Reasons Why 'Jane The Virgin' Is The Worst Show On TV
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12 Reasons Why 'Jane The Virgin' Is The Worst Show On TV

But who am I to judge!

12 Reasons Why 'Jane The Virgin' Is The Worst Show On TV
Entertainment Weekly
I'm still going to watch it for, um, research purposes.

1. Absolutely NO supernatural powers?

Where is the fun in watching a show about completely normal people? I can relate more when there are brothers traveling through different dimensions defeating evil. NEXT.

2. A Love Triangle

In what world would two hot guys go after the same girl? Team Michael? Team Rafael? More like team Ben & Jerry, am I right?

3. Drama

It's more than just a love triangle? Why would I want to keep up with family secrets, murders, affairs, kidnapping, or overzealous telenovela stars, too? Yawn.

4. The Telenovela Within the Telenovela

The fact that Rogelio, Jane’s dad, is a famous telenovela actor only adds on to the many stories going on in this show. It’s telenovela-ception! Too much entertainment.

5. Artificial Insemination

Jane, the virgin who was accidentally artificially inseminated by Rafael's distracted sister, masterfully pushed through her unforeseen circumstances. How did she do it so flawlessly? Sounds like fake news to me.

6. An Evil Twin

Petra Solano having to work with and against her twin sister, Anezka, they tend bring out the good and bad within each other throughout the series. They can't both be the evil twin!

7. Rafael’s Stepmother

Sin Rostro, or “Rose”, currently dating Rafael's sister (her step daughter), goes through many disguises and is even more trouble. How can she get away with so much? I still get in trouble sneaking to the fridge in the middle of the night.

8. Family

Three, eventually four generations live under one roof. Alba, Xiomara, Jane, and then Mateo after he is born. That only makes me want to have my family together. How dare they make me want to spend time with my family!

9. Emotional

Like a true telenovela, this show makes me feel the whole spectrum of emotions. Am I angry? Are these happy or sad tears? I think I'm allergic to good acting.

10. Putting My Phone Down

Wait, what? I’m a millennial, I’m not supposed to do that. Curse you, intriguing storyline!

11. Latino Culture

Where’s the fun in accurately representing Latino culture and not appropriating any of it solely for entertainment? Not controversial enough.

12. Jane Villanueva

A young woman who had motherhood thrust upon her while she: applies (and gets in) to grad school, raises a son, pursues her career as a novelist, has a steady job, AND has time to live her own life? Gina Rodriguez embodies all the qualities as Jane while remaining the most humble, down-to-earth actress I've seen in awhile. I have to edit my list of role models, do you know how inconvenient that is?

I guess you can take your chances and catch the complete first three seasons on Netflix or watch it on The CW. But don't say I didn't warn you!

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