12 Reasons You Should Definitely Go Greek This Year
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Student Life

12 Reasons You Should Definitely Go Greek This Year

If you're looking to completely better you college experience, making memories that last a lifetime as you bond with people who become your forever friends, I highly recommend to rush

12 Reasons You Should Definitely Go Greek This Year
Dana Saccoccio

So Greek life is all about partying and getting to be the “popular kids” in college, right? The ones with the biggest ragers and hottest friends who you bought, correct? If that’s your assumption on Greek Life, I promise that you are completely wrong. Sure we have our fun just like every other college kid, but that's not what we're all about. Looking to go Greek? Here’s 12 reasons why you should.

1. Inseparable bonds with fellow Greeks.

I have made so many friendships through Greek Life, friendships unlike any other, friendships that I know will last forever. I found my literal BFF soulmate in Greek Life. I probably wouldn’t have if I didn’t rush.

2. Being philanthropic is beyond rewarding.

Giving back and seeing how you improved the world in some way shape or form is something that humbles you with so much pride and accomplishment. Raising money and awareness for things that grow near and dear to your heart is something bigger than any of us could ever understand.

3. Great networking opportunities.

Greek organizations are spread out nation wide. It gives you a way to connect with people and maybe even potential employers.

4. Become a leader.

Step your foot into the doors of leadership. If you want to know what it's like to manage a large group of people, here’s your chance to make that mark on the world.Through my sorority, I am able to carry out what I learn from my courses and put it into my position.

5. Meet SO MANY different people.

You are exposed to so many different types of groups and cultures through Greek Life. You learn a lot about the world and just exactly who fills it.

6. You never have to be alone.

Especially at a school as small as Rhode Island College, people will know who you are. You will know so many people, it's kind of crazy in the greatest way possible. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t hug someone on the quad or hang out before class in our offices. If you don’t want to be alone, Greeks are always there.

7. You will have this incredible support system who will empower you to become the best you can possibly be.

Greek Life has impacted my life in so many different aspects, it completely shaped my overall well-being. I was always timid and afraid to speak my mind, that girl is long gone. Greek Life has a lot to do with that. Now I have no problem walking into a room and filling it with my personality. I don’t get nervous speaking to crowds or showing myself to people. I go after the things I want and set high goals for myself because I know my sisters will always have my back.

8. You will find yourself pushing outside of your comfort zone in the best way possible.

Greek Life has pushed me outside of my limits in more ways than any. If you asked me three years ago if I would be willing to stand before 1375 people, the answer would be way different. Today, I have the confidence to do that and it's all thanks to the help of my sisters.

9. School won’t feel like just a bunch of buildings, it becomes a home.

I can walk through campus and tell you so many stories of my sisters and I through these buildings. The late nights and early morning conversations of life in Penfield, the time we ran through the quad bursting with excitement on bid day, walking through Whipple with my Greek friends who share the same major as we rock our group work together. Home is a feeling, not a place, being in Greek Life is what made this place so special.

10. I can promise you, you’ll never be bored.

There is always something going on. Between fundraisers, socials, and events dates, you can always count on something Greek wide to be happening. Even if you just feel like just grabbing lunch, there is always a hungry Greek in need of a burrito somewhere.

11.You learn the importance of values.

Each Greek organization holds their own set of values, they are the core of which we develop into the men and women we seek to become. They help us grow into respectable adults and carry into the world after college--they're like our training wheels for life.

12. It’s really not four years, it’s for life.

Going off of that, Greek Life may just be a college thing, but what you’ve accomplished here will be way more than that. I found my bridal party here, my soulmates for life and created a foundation that I don’t plan on ever losing after I leave this place that I’ve grown to love.

So what are you waiting for? If you are looking to completely better you college experience, making memories that last a lifetime as you bond with people who become your forever friends, I highly recommend to rush. It could just be the best decision you’ll ever make.

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