12 Reasons Why Sorority Retreats are basically the Best

1. The car trip there is full of non-stop jam sessions.

2. You’re locked in a house with all of your sisters for the whole weekend.

3. You always learn new things about each other during a rousing game of Never Have I Ever.

4. Group photos always turn out beautiful, even though they’re a pain to set up and take.

5. Cooking (and eating) giant meals together is always a bonding experience.

6. So is story-time with older members.

7. Bridal shower type games are to be expected!

8. The retreat chair is constantly keeping everybody hyped up.

9. Sisters connect with other sisters they may have never talked to before.

10. Retreat is like a no-judgment zone bubble where everyone can vent and cry it out until there is understanding.

11. Tears and laughter heal all wounds.

So do sisters.

12. Everyone always leaves feeling like unified and one with each other.

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