12 Reasons Why You Should Go To As Many Concerts As You Can
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12 Reasons Why You Should Go To As Many Concerts As You Can

12 Reasons Why You Should Go To As Many Concerts As You Can
Isabella Goulden

Whether you're a music fanatic or not, everyone should get to experience seeing their favorite band or artist live. Going to a concert or a small show with friends and hearing someone perform their music in front of a live audience is so much better than just listening to them on your phone or computer. Here are some thoughts on why everyone should get to go to as many concerts as they possibly can.

1. The atmosphere.

As soon as you walk into the venue, the energy in the room is palpable. Everyone is there for the same reason and being surrounded by so many other people who share your same interest in the performer is amazing and invigorating.

2. The people you meet.

In general admission concerts especially, you usually end up waiting in line for a good amount of time. Chances are, you'll meet some really cool people in line that share some of the same interests as you and can make the time that you have to wait go by quicker.

3. That feeling of anticipation.

As soon as you find out that your favorite artist is performing near you, you start getting excited. You wait and wait for tickets to go on sale, and when they do you rush to get yours. Then, as the show date gets closer and closer, you get more and more excited to go. When the big day finally comes, you're about to burst with excitement; nothing compares to that.

4. Finally getting to see someone live after listening to them for a long time.

Whether you've listened to them for a few months or a few years, finally getting to see your favorite artist live after all that time is such a great feeling. Especially when you buy tickets a few months or a year in advance.

5. The health benefits.

Being happy is good for your health and concerts tend to bring people joy. Musicians are often viewed as idols, or role models, and when you get to see them in person the experience can make you feel really happy, which is really good. Not to mention the calories you burn jumping and dancing around in the crowd.

6. Sometimes you get to meet the artist/band.

Even if you don't pay extra for a meet and greet ticket, there will be a lot of times where you have the opportunity to meet the artist or band after their set. It's easier to do at smaller venues than at arena-type places, but getting to meet one of your favorite artists is an amazing experience.

7. The memories.

Concert experiences are typically great ones to look back on. It's always nice to see pictures or videos of that night and remember how fun it was to be there.

8. The stories you can tell afterwards.

Two years ago I went to a Taylor Swift concert with one of my best friends and now we get to tell everyone that we met Taylor's mom there. Point being: concert experiences always make really good stories and it's fun to tell them to your friend.

9. Expanding your music taste.

Go local. Check out the smaller venues in your town and see what local talent you like. Everyone has to start from somewhere and it's really cool to follow a local artist/band as they grow and start playing in bigger and better places.

10. Interacting with the artists on stage.

More often than not, the artist on stage is going to stop and talk to the audience. Getting the chance to hear what they have to say, and talking and joking along with them is a great thing to get to do.

11. Dressing up for the concert.

Dressing up really helps with the excitement factor. Whether it's dressing as something to do with a song or album, or just dressing a little differently than you normally would, being in "costume" helps to pump you up for the show (and sometimes it'll get you noticed by the artist/band, too!).

12. Getting the chance to be really close to your favorite artist/band.

For big concerts, having floor tickets puts you really close to the stage. For general admission concerts, getting to the venue hours in advance to wait in line puts you in the first few rows. Either way, being that close is incredible.

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