12 Reasons I'm A Dog Lover
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12 Reasons I'm A Dog Lover

I don't mind cats, but I've always been partial to dogs.

12 Reasons I'm  A Dog Lover
Lisa Gainsboro

1. My dog always greets me.

Whether it has been five minutes, five days, or five weeks, my dogs enthusiasm usually beats anyone else’s once I arrive home.

2. My dog will run/walk with me.

I usually need motivation to take a run or walk but going with my dog makes it so much more entertaining than just walking alone. My dog is always up for an adventure.

3. My dog plays fetch with me.

Even though sometimes he forgets to bring the ball back.

4. My dog is not mean to anyone.

He is absolutely judgmental free, and everyone he sees gets the same joyful greeting.

5. My dog doesn’t get in bad moods.

My dog has been hit by cars (literally), bitten by snakes, and eaten birds whole (and live), and yet he still always seems happy as can be.

6. My dog will clean up food from the floor.

Say goodbye to vacuum cleaners! Except sometimes he sheds so maybe don’t fully ditch the vacuum.

7. My dog listens when no one else will.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been home alone and either talked to him or sang loudly in the same room as him (perks of being a singer when no one else is home am I right), and he just happily listens without judgment.

8. My dog is so cute!

I’ve literally never met someone who doesn’t think he’s adorable.

9. My dog responds well to training.

He can hold his pee for impressively long amounts of time. And he can speak on command-- always a fun party trick.

10. My dog is loyal.

He will stick by my side throughout anything.

11. My dog knows how to enjoy the simple things.

He is so enthralled with a frog or running down a trail. He knows how to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and it’s inspirational.

12. My dog gives me unconditional love.

No matter what, he will always be there for me. He is very forgiving (even when I put sunglasses on him), and there’s nothing that can replace the love of a special canine friend.

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