12 Non-Pop Artists To Listen To
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12 Non-Pop Artists To Listen To

The brilliance of the old age of music while demonstrating the continuously changing styles of the new age.

12 Non-Pop Artists To Listen To

As we make our way toward the 2020s, music continues to be an ever-evolving art form. Consisting of thousands of genres, dialects, and styles, the best thing about music is its diversity. How magical is it that we are able to create nearly infinite combinations of words and sounds that make us feel things? In this age of rap and auto-tuned pop music, it's important to acknowledge another wave of music that is still very current; the following artists have obtained a sense of timelessness in their music that maintains the brilliance of the old age of music while demonstrating the continuously changing styles of the new age.

1. Ray LaMontagne

Ray offers a spectrum of musical styles ranging from his acoustic brilliance (Trouble, Can I Stay, etc.) to a Pink Floyd-style alternative rock (Ouroboros). Regardless of the song and style, LaMontange has a soft and airy, absolutely mesmerizing voice. His music features original and creative lyrics along with excellent instrumentals.

2. Wilder Adkins

Adkins is a small acoustic singer from Alabama who deserves a large following; his music is wonderfully simple and calming, folk style with acoustic pop tinges and calming undertones. As Wilder grows in popularity he has maintained such a level of authenticity and realness that is so refreshing in a world where everything is staged and scripted.

3. Eddie Vedder

Vedder has already established a name for himself through his band, Pearl Jam, and later as a solo singer, touring his ukulele album and writing the soundtrack for Into the Wild. An acoustic savant, Eddie Vedder never fails to impress with his artistry, talent, creativity, and genuineness--his music feel like home.

4. Jewel

First debuting in the late 90s, Jewel is a well-established folk artist known for her incredibly versatile voice. Her down-to-Earth aura and phenomenal songwriting skills make her a truly unique artist, and she's done it all from folk to pop to yodeling.

5. Norah Jones

Another well-established artist, Jones has made a name for herself as a jazz and folk singer. Her voice is like liquid gold--smooth and soft and mesmerizing. She's an avid songwriter, singer and musician alike, and her incredible skills are evident in every piece of music she has produced.

6. Laura Marling

Marling is a small folk and folk-rock singer who has created aural works of art layered over artistically beautiful music videos (Gurdjieff's Daughter). Her voice is melancholy and full of depth, and her songs are artistic and wonderfully musical.

9. Mandy Harvey

Mandy Harvey is a wonderful folk singer and musician, but she has an unexpected quality that makes her incredibly unique: she's deaf. Harvey lost her hearing at 18 and has since learned to continue her musicianship and grow her skills as a singer using vibrations. Her songs are lovely and folky, her voice is beautiful, and her story is inspiring, to say the least.

8. The Weepies

The Weepies are a duo band that creates simple and clean folk songs that are catchy and just pleasing to hear. They're just good, lovely and full of musical chemistry.

9. Tom Rosenthal

Tom Rosenthal is particularly unique because he has told actual narratives with his music. His song "The Boy" is entrancing and tells the story of a boy growing up through literary devices that pair beautifully with Rosenthal's voice and acoustic style. His songs are always above par and artistically so appealing.

10. The Civil Wars

Although they broke up a couple of years ago, the Civil Wars created so much wonderful music that told the story of a relationship with history and problems and real life emotions. Ballads and folky tunes make up the large repertoire of music that the Civil Wars created.

11. Sufjan Stevens

Stevens leans more toward alternative quiet songs with disturbing and intriguing lyrics. He's actually quite brilliant, often pairing a soft and pretty melody with deep and dark lyrics about real life serious issues. His songs reminisce about childhood and lost love, and he delivers full artistry in every one of his pieces.

12. M83

M83 is a French-Canadian synth band that uses technology paired with vocals and instrumentals to create a really unique sound that is entertaining, impressive and upbeat. They're not mainstream, but they've been able to achieve an alternative sound that fits cohesively into modern culture.

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