12 Moments That Had Me 'Shook' From Stranger Things 2
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12 Moments That Had Me 'Shook' From Stranger Things 2

Because you don't take a trip to the Upside Down without feeling like your whole being has been shaken.

12 Moments That Had Me 'Shook' From Stranger Things 2
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This weekend I, along with the majority of you all reading this, finished Stranger Things 2 and was completely blown away. I didn't know exactly what to expect going into it, but I was ready for whatever new adventures (and horrors) would be in store for the people of Hawkins. However, there were a lot of characters I didn't expect to love, a lot of characters I didn't expect to miss and a lot of moments where I found myself sobbing. The cinematography was grand, the monsters were dark and each episode was a stand-alone emotional roller coaster. Certain characters underwent the most amazing developments, ones that I definitely didn't see coming. Furthermore, there were moments of intense emotional pain where I needed to take a good bit after finishing the episode to just let it all sink in. Having said all of this, I'm going to list twelve moments from the second season that really hit me in the feels, whether for better or for worse. These moments are in no particular order. And if you haven't finished the series yet, be warned. There are hella spoilers ahead.

1. Meeting More Of The Hawkins' Families

Whereas in Season 1 we mostly just saw the Wheelers' and the Byers' families, this time around we got to meet Dustin's mom and Lucas's family as well. This wasn't particularly groundbreaking, but it was sweet and added to the development of their characters.

2. Seeing Hopper and Eleven Together For The First Time

Seeing them at the kitchen table in the dark, eating some Eggos - it really hit me. It was such a sweet, simple moment. I remembered just how much I loved Hopper and just how great of a protective figure he is in all of these people's lives.

3. Steve And Nancy's Drunk Fight

While I was never a huge fan of Steve and Nancy together, I think this moment was just emotional because it's all too relatable. You have a lot to drink one night and you're just flooded with all the things you're really feeling about your life that you filter out of your day-to-day interactions. This just happened to be Nancy telling Steve she doesn't really love him and their relationship falling apart, but it's fine right?

4. The Death Of Mews

It didn't have to be like this. Mews didn't have to leave us. Her life was taken from us too soon. I don't know that I'll ever recover.

5. Eleven (Jane) Learning Her Mama's Story

I think this scene deserves a content warning because it's very intense and potentially psychologically triggering. Eleven has to experience all of the trauma that her mother went through just hours after finding out that she even exists. And worst of all is that she has to leave her behind afterwards because there's nothing she can really do.

6. Nancy And Jonathan Getting Together

The whole scene with the two of them at Murray's is just comical and awkward and sweet. I was laughing and smiling the whole time I watched it.

7. Lucas And Max's Conversation On Top Of The Bus

In this scene Max opens up about the difficulties of her home life and Lucas reveals a lot of maturity and depth to his character. Simultaneously, we know that Dustin is hurting because he's watching this happen, as he has feelings for Max, and knowing that likely she doesn't reciprocate them. All of this is happening in the midst of hiding from the Demo-dogs. It's crazy.

8. Steve And Dustin's Entire Friendship

No one saw this pairing coming, but it's the greatest thing we could've hoped for. Just guys bein' dudes. Talkin' about girls and Farrah Fawcett hairspray. Beating the Demo-dogs one nail-bat at a time.

9. Hopper's Phone Call From The Truck To Eleven

When he says, "I'm not angry. I'm just sorry" and his voice breaks a little bit so you can tell that he's holding back tears. And he's gotta go back in that lab and stay strong for Joyce and Will. It's devastating. Especially because we know about all of the tough stuff that Eleven's going through that Hopper doesn't even know about.

10. The Death Of Bob Newby

I saw it coming the minute he forgot that gun in the basement. He was a goner. But he was so pure, so dorky, so sweet. Bob was set up to die but he didn't deserve any of it. Bob Newby, superhero, you will go down in history

11. Eleven's Closing Of The Gate

This scene wasn't even about whether or not she was going to be able to do it, because her abilities are a given. But watching all of the images circle through her mind - about being in the lab, about being abused, about losing her mother, about Papa, about the bad men, about missing Mike - all of it just culminated in that epic moment when she rose from the floor and blood came out of her second nostril and she lifted both hands. It was powerful.

12. The Snow Ball

Lucas and Max. Mike and Eleven. Nancy saving the day for Dustin (and us as well because seeing him sitting alone on the bleachers in tears was gut-wrenching). It was the ending that my heart needed.

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