For the days when you feel like the world is going against you, when you're stuck in a rut or when you have a bad day-- here are 11 Leslie Knope compliments to get you through all of it. Just replace "Ann" with your name and get to feeling better you beautiful tropical fish.

1. For when you need your brain and looks complimented

2. A reminder of your lovely, outgoing personality

3. A bit of encouragement for your late night study session

4. More praise for how intelligent you are

5. A compliment for the rules you break and the risks you take

6. Never give up on love

7. You're a fantastic friend

8. Here are a bunch of compliments about stunning you are inside and out

9. So beautiful

10. The only important qualities

11. Even when you feel like trash

Keep doing you! Get out of that rut! Always remember that there's someone out there rooting for you.