Trader Joe's is probably hands down my favorite grocery store. From the artwork of the food signs to the uniqueness of the food, the entire experience is exciting! The closest Trader Joe's is a 45-minute drive for me and it's completely worth the drive! Here's why:

1. Chocolatey coated chocolate chip Dunkers.

My all-time favorite snack from Trader Joe's. These are great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Be warned though, you might eat this whole tub in one sitting…

2. Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips.

So this is basically nachos and cheese, but without the gooey cheese. To be honest, I can also finish this bag in one sitting since these are so addicting, but the point is to savor the bag, put it down, and then pick it back up an hour later.

3. Milk Chocolate/Dark Chocolate Mini Pretzels.

This is probably something I binge eat without realizing it till I see that the bag is gone.

4. Sparkling spring water.

With the flavors of natural, lemon, lime, mandarin orange, and raspberry lime.

5. General Tsao stir fry sauce.

Great addition to stir fry, potstickers, rice, or even sausage! It's a great tasting sauce!

6. Honey wheat pretzel sticks.

Another great item to binge eat!

7. Potstickers.

Great for a snack, lunch, or dinner! Also, you can add the General Tsao stir fry sauce to go with it.

8. Island soyaki sauce.

I will only eat steak if this sauce is marinated with it so it's great to marinate steak with.

9. Applesauce Crushers.

Quick grab-and-go, and you can pretend you're eating baby food!

10. Raspberry vinaigrette dressing or any other dressing from Trader Joe's.

Be warned: You might dump the whole bottle on your salad. Very refreshing and healthy!

11. Pizza, pizza, pizza.

Frozen pizza has never tasted so good or healthy!

12. Veggie Sticks.

And the origins of it all. My first favorite Trader Joe's snack! "Junk food" that seems healthy!