From Papyrus to Kate Spade to the classic Hallmark, cute greeting cards are the perfect throwback that can warm anyone's heart. To show people the power of a handwritten note, I always tell them that when my older brother was born, my dad wrote a thank you card to the doctors and nurses that took care of my mom. When I was born, the hospital staff remembered my parents and the heartfelt card my dad sent so much, that they treated my mother like a queen. That was 23 years ago and now, a handwritten note is even more uncommon. If you're feeling like thanking someone, expressing your love, or simply sending a card "just because," check out these amazing paper goods!

1. For someone you miss dearly

It never hurts to call your mom on the phone. It never hurts to send your grandma a card. Give them a little extra love that will sure to make their day!

2. For your best friend on their birthday

Give your best friend a little more than some bling on their hotline. Give them a card that says, "You're one day older. Live it, love it."

3. For your old roomie that just got engaged

Let's not pretend we aren't most excited about the new hardware on her left hand. Celebrate her frosting with a card. It's the least you can do.

4. For your nature-loving soulmate

Otters fall asleep holding hands. Best friends do too.

5. For the aging cheese aficionado

Sometimes a card is the best way to remind people that not everything rots as it gets older.

6. For the self-involved recent grad

You will never love Kanye as much as Kanye loves Kanye.

7. For the upstairs neighbor that just moved away

Hopefully the new people that move in are less noisy!

8. For the man that you have a not-so-subtle crush on

It's only creepy if he knows it's you.

9. For the girl from high school that is having her third baby while you are still eating Nutella out of the jar

Time to really clean up your Facebook wall. There's only so many babies and proposals that one woman can take!

10. For your co-worker that is have a 'Lemonade'-themed birthday party.

I got you this card and I ain't sorry.

11. For your boyfriend that gave up playing Pokemon Go to help you clean the dishes

12. For your friend who has no boundaries

Which one would you send?