12 Exercises That You Can Do In Your Dorm Room
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Health and Wellness

12 Exercises That You Can Do In Your Dorm Room

No pain, no gain.

12 Exercises That You Can Do In Your Dorm Room

As college students are starting their upcoming semester, they want to start off everything on the right foot and that includes working out--especially when it is in preparation for summer break--but they often go back and find it hard to keep up with it. With the weather being so cold, especially in places like upstate New York, it is hard to go running outside or simply walk to the gym. However, there are exercises and workouts that anyone can do anywhere—meaning college students can do them in their dorm rooms and without having to go outside. They are simple to do and are mostly common knowledge for anyone who has been in a simple physical education class. It’s also worth the investment to buy dumbbells and a yoga mat for a little extra needed support.

For Arms:

1. Push-Ups

Definitely my least favorite, (always has been, always will) but totally worth the three minutes of pain. Not only does it work your arms, but your back and abs as well.

2. Floor Triceps Dips

These are pretty much the opposite of push-ups and as the title says, it works your triceps.

3. Anything with Dumbbells

Reps of curls, lateral raises, overhead presses, and so forth are the way to go. These can be pricey, but totally worth the investment. Get a size that will best suit your needs and you will eventually work your way up.

For Legs:

4. Squats

Not only works your legs, but also your butt. *Insert winky face emoji* If you want an added challenge, hold a pair of dumbbells.

5. Wall Sit

This works your core, too. It’s torturous and time seems slow, but, hey, no pain no gain.

6. Lunges

Don’t do just ten—do ten PER leg! And then some.

For Abs:

7. Sit-Ups/Crunches

You have been doing these since elementary school—there’s a reason why.

8. Plank

Another exercise that makes time slow down, but as I’ve been saying: it’s worth it.

9. Reverse Crunches

I always liked these because they are kind of a lazy person’s exercise since you get to lie on your back and just try to lift your butt up.


10. Jumping Jacks

I also like these because they do not really feel like work while you are doing them, but you realize how intense they can be when you are done.

11. High Knees

This is a four in one as it also works out your core, butt, and legs.

12. Burpees

Probably the toughest of the tough, but just turn up some music and push through!

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