12 Christmas Movies/Specials in 12 Days
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12 Christmas Movies/Specials in 12 Days

It's the final countdown....to jingle bells.

12 Christmas Movies/Specials in 12 Days

What's a good Christmas celebration without a good Christmas special? Just like milk and cookies are the staple of the Jolly Man's diet, Christmas media has become a staple in the vast majority of households for decades, spanning from yule-tide classics like the stop motion Rankin-Bash specials to new releases such as The Night Before. But which television episodes and movies are worth watching this season? Listed below (in no particular order) are the shows and films that I have found to be entertaining, insightful, and full depict the true meaning of the holidays, along with any info as to where to find it. Why twelve, you may ask? Cause Christmas, that's why!

1. "Arnold's Christmas" from Hey Arnold (Youtube)

In the 20th episode of Hey Arnold's first season, "Arnold's Christmas" revolves around Arnold looking to give his neighbor, Mr. Hyuhn, the greatest gift of all: his long-lost daughter. The episode highlights the importance of family, generosity, and selflessness during the hectic holiday season.

2. I'll Be Home For Christmas (Netflix)

One of the last films that Jonathan Taylor Thomas starred in, the Disney comedy is based on a young college student trying to get halfway across the U.S. to get home...while being glued in a Santa suit. Full of laughs, Christmas fun, and family ties, its a decent flick to catch during the week.

3. Batman Returns (Youtube)

Not your typical choice of Christmas movie? Who cares, it's Batman! The sequel to the smash 1989 hit is set during Christmas time, with Tim Burton taking a creepy interpretation of holiday cheer this time around.

4. "The Strike" from Seinfeld

While the ninth season of Seinfeld wasn't much compared to the previous eight seasons, the final season of the popular show about nothing based a Christmas episode not on celebrating the holiday, but creating one in protest, including an aluminum Festivus pole, the airing of grievances, and feats of strength.

5. "My Own Personal Jesus" from Scrubs (Netflix)

Notable for being one of the more realistic shows about the medical field, this former NBC/ABC comedy incorporates more of the religious connotations for Christmas, where Turk becomes disillusioned about his beliefs after witnessing a passing on his hands in the operating room.

6. Home Alone

Every 90's kid should know about this movie, but for those unaware, this John Hughes-directed comedy is about young Kevin McCallister and his adventures after being left home alone by his parents during Christmas. While basically just slapstick humor towards potential robbers, it highlights many of the facets of the season that we enjoy celebrating.

7. A Charlie Brown Christmas

Yes, the animation is choppy. Yes, the voice acting is wooden compared to cartoon nowadays. But even though this 1965 TV special may be considered "cheap" by cynical people, the cast of The Peanuts show how even a minimalist Christmas celebration (with a dead tree, no less) can have the biggest impact.

8. "Christmas Party" from The Office (Netflix)

For fans of the Jim and Pam "will they, won't they" drama, this second season episode shows the selfishness that Christmas can bring when Dunder Mifflin manager Michael Scott has his employees play Secret Santa...then Yankee Swap. While sweet and propels the Jim and Pam plot, we as viewers didn't get a resolution to Jim's present until the penultimate episode of the series.

9. A Christmas Carol....any of them

I couldn't decide which version of the famous Charles Dickens drama to put into the list, so why not all of them? From the Scruge McDuck to the Tim Curry impersonation, I have yet to come across a bad portrayal of the classic tale of giving and reflection.

10. "The Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" from The Simpsons (FXNOW)

Not only is this a simple yet humorous take on the everyday situation of waiting until the last minute to buy gifts, but it earns extra points for being the pilot episode of The Simpsons. Yes, the very first episode of the beloved cartoon family...was a Christmas episode. Let that sink in for a bit.

11. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Literally every child who grew up with Dr. Seuss books knows the tale, and when famed animator Chuck Jones took the helms with assistance from narrator Boris Karloff he created a thirty minute special that retains all of the charm the children's book fostered for years (if only the Jim Carrey version could have done the same...)

12. A Christmas Story (TBS)

If you didn't expect this to be on the list, much less for the last day on Christmas, please reacquaint yourself with my predictability. All joking at my expense aside, this is perhaps the most famous Christmas movie on the market, so lucrative and marketable that TBS plays a 24 hour marathon of the movie all Christmas Eve leading up to the big day.

Did I leave any of your favorites off? Comment below or on any social media attachments, and Merry Christmas, dear readers!

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