Sometimes all it takes to get you out of a funk is a good ol' YouTube video, or maybe you're just bored and could use a good suggestion list... here are some of my personal favorites that are ~guaranteed~ to put a smile on your face.

1. This sister's sweet surprise...

Kickin' this list off with one that will put you right in your ~feels~. This video will make you feel like the lamest sibling ever, because you can never live up to this sweet gesture...

2. and this classroom's EPIC prank on their teacher.

I will watch this video and laugh hysterically EVERY time it comes across my timeline. These kids are #genius.

3. Emma Stone vs. Jimmy Fallon doing a Lip Sync battle...

You WISH you could be as cool as Emma Stone.


Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. As soon as you're done watching you'll want to go out and kick the world's ass.

6. and this chilling one. 

Starts off depressing, wait for the ending. Makes you feel so content with yourself - this guy is good.

7. And if Cody Ko doesn't make you laugh, you're an alien.

Cody Ko is probably the funniest person alive. Combined with his girlfriend, you might pee your pants watching this video.

8. This SUPER cute wedding video...

This video will also put you in your feels. I'm only 20 years old and I already have wedding fever.

9. and this EPIC wedding toast rap at another wedding.

ALSO, if my friends don't stunt like this at my wedding, I'm disowning them. These girls are #EPIC.

10. This girl creates the greatest song of all time...

You won't be able to get this song out of your head - and she only does it with 4 basic chords.

11. and Ellen forces Andy to go in ANOTHER haunted house.

You will pee your pants laughing (also there's probably also 20 more versions of this video so you can binge).

12. Lastly, perhaps the coolest video to ever grace our screens.

Makes me wish I was musically talented so I could participate in this...

We've got funny ones, we've got impressive ones, and one that will make you cry and then feel empowered by the end. Put on your headphones and buckle up.