Whether it is editing a blog post for your class, writing an article for your local school newspaper or spending countless hours analyzing you favorite actress on Twitter you, there are things only Public Relations majors understand. PR is the major everyone forgets about but is actually everywhere.

This article for my fellow PR majors who manage to balance a job, an internship, 18 credits, 2 majors, social life and sleep.

1. You write everything in AP Style.

2. You took a whole class on how to properly use social media.

3. Social media is more than selfies and tweets.

4. Your laptop is your life.

5. You know all the trends and news headlines of the day.

6. You are your friends’ news source.

7. Coffee runs through your veins.

8. You love writing.

9. Internships, internships, internships

10. You are considered a "people person."

11. Having to explain your major more than necessary.