11 Underrated Artists You Didn't Know You Were Missing

11 Underrated Artists You Didn't Know You Were Missing

The secret ingredient to your next best playlist may be on this list.

Do you ever just listen to a song and think, "Man, why isn't this more popular?"

When it comes to music, I get a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out).

It doesn't matter whether you love or hate what's considered popular today in any given genre: we all have one performer or group we wish got the attention they most certainly deserve.

You may even recognize some of them as a "one-hit-wonder," but the good news is, there's more where that came from!

If you're someone who's longing to listen to more than what's on constant repeat in the office and on the radio, check out these underrated artists to ensure your playlist isn't missing out:

1. The Heavy

You may recognize their hit, "How You Like Me Now?" from several popular video games, movies and even commercials, such as the KIA Sorrento.

When it comes to answering the question of why they aren't more widely recognized, your guess is as good as mine.

Up Next: "What Makes A Good Man?," "What Happened To The Love?," "Since You Been Gone"

2. The Record Company

"Baby I'm Broken" is my personal favorite, but their muffled vocals and overall rugged sound makes their other tracks just as interesting. Be sure to check out their cover of the "So What'cha Want" by the Beastie Boys, as well as their other tracks!

Up Next: "Off The Ground," "Never Gonna Cry For Me," "Rita Mae Young"

3. Gary Clark Jr.

There's something about his voice that soothes the soul. The first time I heard his voice and some of the riffs in his music, it was like an overwhelming peace took over my whole body. I didn't want to move, speak or do anything, really.

He's the perfect solution to a long day or relaxing over a stressful situation. Deep breaths and blues: the best form of "Healing."

Up Next: "BYOB/Can't Sleep/Shake," "Our Love," "Things Are Changin'"

4. Randy Rogers Band

A simple, country sound paired with some Texas two-stepping seems like the perfect night to me.

You've likely heard of them if you were born and raised in Texas, or if you're a Yankee like me who's fallen in love with Southern culture.

Up Next: "In My Arms Instead," "Interstate," "One More Goodbye"

5. Cody Johnson

While we're at it, here's another Texas native to sweep you off your feet. He's one of those homegrown stars who centers his fame around his roots.

Cody Johnson is everything you look for in a country artist; he even has a cover of "You Look So Good In Love." Who doesn't love a solid tribute to George Straight?

Up Next: "With You I Am," "Every Scar Has A Story," "Texas Kind Of Way"

6. Old Dominion

While they've gained a lot of recognition for their hits like "Break Up With Him" and "Snapback," they're one of those bands where you'll belt out the song, but you can never remember just who sings it.

I personally believe they deserve a lot more credit than they already have, especially because they're the perfect addition to any pool party or drive with the windows down.

Up Next: "Song For Another Time," "Shoe Shopping," "Written In The Sand"

7. Daughtry

Like Old Dominion, he's also on the more popular side, but I think we could all use a reminder every once in a while that he's still cranking out some great music post-Idol.

Up Next: "Waiting for Superman," "Battleships," "No Surprise"

8. Michael Franti & Spearhead

Chances are you've heard "Say Hey (I Love You)" at some point in time, but have you heard the rest? My favorite thing about Michael Franti and Spearhead is that their collaborations are always chock full of optimism and good vibes.

Up Next: "Once A Day," "The Sound of Sunshine," "11:59"

9. Lukas Graham

I've never been more ecstatic to see a star on the rise than I've been with Lukas Graaham. "7 Years" has been covered by teens, young adults and even other popular artists. It's a track that's gained him a ton of attention and opened doors for listeners to his other songs.

He's an excellent vocalist, and it's a bonus that he's cute as a button.

Up Next: "Mama Said," "Funeral," "Take The World By Storm"

10. Rob Thomas

He's another one of those artists where you've heard more of his songs than you could name off the top of your head, like "Lonely No More." There's something extremely familiar and comforting about his tunes.

Remember that playlist you used to blare through your headphones to get your through all those problems that weren't really problems when you look back on it? "Someday" was probably on that playlist.

However, now that we're adults, we can grieve the right way: with junk food and a little more Rob Thomas.

Up Next: "Pieces," "Trust You," "Her Diamonds"

11. Gavin DeGraw

If you watch any of the videos on this list, let it be this one. Disclaimer: it will make you cry... but in a good way.

You've likely heard "Not Over You" on the radio one too many times. While it is a fantastic song, listeners are missing out on so much more.

He's easily one of the most underrated on this list in terms of a talent to fame ratio. It breaks my heart when I mention an artist like Gavin DeGraw and get nothing but, "Who?" in response.

Up Next: "Best I Ever Had," "Make A Move," "She Sets The City On Fire"

It's up to you to change the status of these underrated stars!

If you think one or more of these artists deserves a little more recognition than they've been given, give it to them!

Share this with someone you think could use a secret ingredient in their playlist recipe!
Cover Image Credit: Kelly Sikkema

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