18 Times Cole Sprouse's Beauty Was Too Much To Handle
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18 Times Cole Sprouse's Beauty Was Too Much To Handle

"I only started acting again so you guys wouldn't feel like you wasted money on the posters of me at 12."

18 Times Cole Sprouse's Beauty Was Too Much To Handle
Sprouse Freaks

If your childhood was during the early 2000's, chances are you spent your time watching some pretty great Disney Channel shows. There were plenty of favorites, but mine? Hands down "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody." And it wasn't just because it made me want to live in a hotel because let's be honest, didn't it look so awesome? No, it was because I had a serious crush on one of the blonde twins. Cody Martin, better known as Cole Sprouse.

To say it was a little crush would be a complete understatement. I was obsessed. I used to cut out pictures of his face from magazines like Tiger Beat and J-14 and glued them into my scrapbook. Walls in my bedroom were solely dedicated to putting posters up of him every time a new one came out in the latest magazine.

Flash forward to today and the obsession is still going strong. I have no shame in this because who wouldn't find him intriguing? Not only did he take time away from acting to go to college and eventually graduate from NYU, he's also hilarious on Twitter (if you're not following him, you're seriously missing out. Don't worry, I got you: @colesprouse) and he's an amazing photographer. But enough about his accomplishments and hobbies, we need to talk about his major glow-up.

Specifically, how someone can go from rocking a sweet bowl cut:

To looking like this:

He went from being this cute and adorable little boy who I would watch every day on tv....to a drool-worthy, heart-stopping, angel sent down from above in the blink of an eye. But this isn't the only photographic evidence of his glow-up. There's more, a lot more. Now I must warn you, these pictures may be too hot to handle at times. So please, proceed with caution. Oh, and you're welcome.

1. When he was literally smoking hot.

2. When he made suspenders look good.

3. When you wish those were your hands touching his face.

4. When you'd swim across the ocean just to be with him.

5. When he made wearing glasses look so damn good.

6. When his jawline looked like it was carefully created by the gods.

7. When his hair looked sexy pushed back.

Image result for cole sprouse odyssey online

8. When his smile could cure any illness or disease.

9. Or when his soft smile and bedroom eyes were enough to turn you into a puddle.

10. When he made you fall in love with him and ignore the dog.

11. When he practically made you want to pull up a chair and sit with him (or better yet, share the seat with him).

12. When even he was able to take his breath away.

13. When he made you want to go on the subway.

14. When he gave you young Leo Dicaprio vibes.

15. When he made all the flowers bloom and saved Spring.

16. When he didn't even have to put any effort into styling his hair.

17. When he made a suit look so seductive

18. And when he was still able to look hot while making a funny face.

Never change Cole Sprouse. Stay funny, stay beautiful.


Your biggest fan

P.S. Please notice me

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