Christmastime has come once again, and with it comes holiday movies, hot chocolate and the memories of presents and family time past. If you grew up celebrating Christmas, chances are you believed in Santa Claus. I love reminiscing with my family about my utter devotion as a child to the jolly fat man in red.

As an adult, I have grown to truly appreciate all my parents did for me during this holiday time, whilst taking no credit for any of it. Yet, some of my favorite memories have been about believing in Santa. Whether I was writing letters to the North Pole, or setting out cookies on Christmas Eve, the thought of Santa coming to visit filled me with joy. Then came the bomb, the life changing event, my parents told me the truth. These are a few thoughts I had when I learned Santa Claus wasn't real.

1. The initial conversation is dramatic.

No, no, no. I know I am the one who asked but this cannot be true. I have spent too much time and energy believing and being good. This man had my faith and trust, and now you tell me it was all a lie? I'll never trust again.

2. Flat out denial.

You are lying. No, mom, I don't care what you say. Adults don't get presents because Santa puts them on the naughty list.

3. Then who gives me all those presents?

Okay, now that I believe you, I have to give you some serious props. You've spent all these years taking no credit, just so I could have fun. Thanks mom and dad, you rock.

4. So that's why you and Santa have the same wrapping paper.

And that explains the wrapping paper I found in your closet when I was five.

5. Who eats all the cookies then?

Wow, now I know why dad can't even look at sweets on Christmas morning. Thanks for eating all the cookies I left out and furthering the magic of Santa. And shout out to mom for eating the carrots I left for the reindeer.

6. Shout out to the Jewish/Muslim/atheist/non-celebrating kids for keeping it a secret.

Thanks for letting us remain delusional for a little bit longer. As kids, i'm sure that took a lot of self control. You are the real MVPs.

7. Is the tooth fairy fake too?

Will I still get money when I lose my teeth? That is the real question.

8. Whose lap do I sit on at the mall?

You let me sit in a strange old man's lap? He definitely did not smell like peppermint and fir trees, and now I know why.

9. Why even make me believe in Santa?

I now respect the idea of Santa Claus as a fun holiday tradition that can really bring the family together, but initially I wondered what the point was in all the Santa mania.

10. What is the point of Christmas then?

Whether you are Christian or not, Christmas falls right at the end of the year and it is fun to come together with family and reflect on the past 12 months. You get off work and school, and you get to give your mom the chance to fuss over you that she has been deprived.

11. Do I still have to pretend to believe for my sibling?

If you are like me, your parents made you pretend to believe until they finally told your siblings. It can be a pain keeping it all a secret, but sharing knowing glances with your parents, and continuing to get awesome presents from both your parents and Santa are definitely pluses.

12. Will I still get presents?

Of course the end of Santa doesn't mean the end of Christmas. It does take some of the magic out of Christmas morning, but the day is still about family and love. So even without Santa, crowd around the Christmas tree with your favorite people and enjoy the year you've had together.