11 Thoughts You Have Every Weekend: Sex and the City Edition

11 Thoughts You Have Every Weekend: Sex and the City Edition

The weekend brings joy, laughter & sometimes awfulness.


1. When people ask you what work you have to do over the weekend, or what your plans are you think:

2. When you go through your closet trying to look decent when you go out in public on the weekend, especially if you are going out (or when your boyfriend is visiting and your dad looks at you before your boyfriend walks in the door and asks “are you going to change?”): 

3. When some dummy runs into you, knocks you over and spills your drink everywhere, and then looks back at you laughing because they are too drunk to understand politeness:

4. When you are out at a bar and things start to get rowdy, and you realize you probably shouldn’t have gone out at all because you don’t like people, so you start to bond with inanimate objects:

5. When someone insults you at some point during the weekend and you spend every waking hour for the rest of the weekend overanalyzing it:

6. When you run into that person who insulted you out/shopping/at a restaurant/store yet you cannot avoid them because the weekend is their playground: 

7. When you wake up so hungover you cannot think of a responsible way to deal with it: 

8. Rationale after being out late, or working late when you have somewhere important to be Sunday morning: 

9. When you do something embarrassing in front of someone over the weekend, and you have developed an irrational fear of ever seeing them again: 

10. When you are listening to your friends describe their weekends:

11. When you realize that most times, weekends are overrated and better served in your pajamas: 

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