As the holidays approach, everyone should take the time to appreciate all we have. For us Central Jerseyans, it's easy to make a list of things we only get to experience here. And we're super grateful for it all.

1. Wawa

Let’s give a round of applause to Wawa: the one who provided you with endless snacks, subs, coffee, and milkshakes. These foods and drinks definitely helped you countless amounts of times get through a rough night or just fulfill your random cravings.

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2. Pork Roll

Yes, it’s pork roll and not Taylor ham. The amount of pork roll egg and cheese sandwiches you have consumed is probably unreal, but you have no regret. These sandwiches are true masterpieces. Where would we be without them?

3. Bagels

Central Jersey is home to some of the best and craziest bagel stores. From an everything bagel with butter to a flaming hot Cheetos bagel from The Bagel Nook in Freehold, NJ, we have only the best.

4. Pizza

Shall we continue to list the amazing food you can find in Central Jersey? The pizza here is unreal and you learn to appreciate it once you are in a different state. Nothing compares to New Jersey pizza.

5. Diners

We are all thankful for those late nights at diners with our friends. The beauty of our diners is that you can order whatever you want and it will always be the best. (Especially disco fries).

6. The Shore

Who could ever forget the best part of Central New Jersey? Being able to drive only a short distance to the Jersey Shore is the best thing anyone can ask for.

7. Playa Bowls

Counting the amount of pork roll sandwiches you’ve consumed is unreal, but so is the amount of bowls you’ve eaten. No matter the weather, you’re always down for your favorite fruity snack here.

8. Rook Coffee

Never tell a Central Jerseyan that you’ve never tried Rook Coffee. This is the best cup of caffeine ever. I know I’m most thankful for an iced cold New Orleans to start my morning.

9. Close Proximity to Major Cities

Being just a train ride away from New York City and Philadelphia is something to really be thankful for. These cities have lots of great opportunities for fun, school, and jobs.

10. The Turning Point

Having a cute spot to grab breakfast or lunch is great, but can we talk about the real reason to be thankful for this restaurant? The hot chocolate, of course! The Turning Point's flavored hot chocolates are heavenly goodness.

11. Ice cream

After a hot day in the sun, it is essential to get some ice cream from the hottest spots in New Jersey. Strollo's, Hoffman's, Kohr Brother's... what will it be? Either way, we're thankful for all of this greatness.

Yes, we have it pretty good here in Central New Jersey. And Yes, Central Jersey does exist.