11 Things You'll Understand If You're A Ginger

Being a ginger can be a blessing and a curse. It's neat having a hair color that only 2% of the world has naturally. But dealing with ginger jokes about not having a soul or friends can get really old really fast. I used to hate having red hair, but as I've grown up I've learned to love the unique hair color myself and others have. Embrace being a ginger! We are almost as rare as winning the lottery.

1. People telling you that you don't have a soul.

Oh yeah this one is totally original. Not like I haven't heard this a hundred times. Thank you South Park for this joke that will (apparently) never get old.

2. "You must marry another ginger so gingers don't go extinct."

Even if that was how genetics work (which is really isn't) it would take a very long long long time to increase the percentage of gingers in the population.

3. "Never dye your hair! It's perfect!"

I enjoy my hair color. No I won't dye it. Thank you for the compliment. But seriously no, I won't die my hair.

4. The infamous "Oh St. Patrick's day must be your favorite holiday."

Yep. You've got it, just because some of our ancestors are from Ireland it is safe to assume that St. Patrick's day is basically our own version of Christmas.

5. SPF 80 is your best friend when you go outside.

The worst part of being a ginger is how pale your skin is. No matter how much sunscreen you put on, you will always get sun burnt regardless of how much time you're outside for. We get punished for being an oddity of the world.

6. Being so pale no matter how much sun you get.

Again, worst part is being so pale. You could sit outside in the sun all day and you will still either be sunburnt or pale as pale gets. Make up companies would name a foundation after us called "paper white pale".

7. You easily notice all other gingers when you're out in public.

We are basically our own elite club of awesomeness. So when you see another member of your group you're finally not a freak by yourself.

8. "Is that natural?"

You can't get real ginger out of a bottle, it's nearly impossible. So yeah this is totally natural, and no you won't ever be able to get the same color.

9. Having a firey temper comes naturally to you.

I wish I could say that this part isn't true, but I witness it firsthand with every redhead I know. We all seem to have a short fuse, and we can't fix it. Moral of the story: tread lightly around us.

10. Having so many freckles, that you could play connect the dots.

Another perk of being a ginger is all the freckles. They're everywhere and usually a ton of them. It's a free decoration that you're born with. And if you're bored you can play connect the dots.

11. Being the butt of every ginger joke possible.

Ginger jokes started in second grade and I have a feeling that they aren't going to end any time soon. They're never new, we've all heard them a million times. But we deal with it because people are jealous of our exclusive group.
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