1. Using your hand as a response to "Where are you from?"

Only a few inches above the wrist lays our sandy beaches and snow melted streets.

2. Kav from GoodTime

Reliable for a donut and to only be wearing his boxers.

3. Blueberry season

From Bowerman's smoothies to freshly picked berries, nothing beats blueberry season.

4. Beaches, beaches, beaches

You know you're a local when you find all the beaches not located on TripAdvisor and enjoy them 365 days of the year.

5. The Sunsets

No matter what time of year you'll always find yourself to be wide eyed & mystified by a #PureMichigan sunset

6. Thursday Night Street Performers

You're always in for a treat

7. JPS and LJ's

And we all know that your preference says a lot about you as a person.

8. Automatic texts from WZZM13 on school closings

Because there is really nothing better than seeing "SCHOOL CLOSING - INCLEMENT WEATHER" appear on your phone screen.

9. Going to Function in middle school

It is the epitome of awkward preteen behavior.

10. Leaving 20 minutes early to find parking downtown during tourist season

Because there is nothing better than traffic and walking 20 minutes to find a decent parking space.

11. And last, but not least getting days off of school for a flower

Petition for Tulip Time to be a National Holiday, who is with me?!