11 Things I Would Rather Do Than Properly Study For Midterms

That time of the semester is quickly approaching...that part we all dread.

The part of the semester that's almost as bad as finals week. It's time for midterms, how exciting! This is the part in the semester where everyone's procrastination skills rapidly improve. Well, some people cut the crap and get to it (I need to be that person). And it's so hard to stay focused on midterms when Halloween is close.

Between the holidays coming up, school, work, family, and a social life, I'm sure we all have a million other things we would rather be doing than properly studying for midterms.

1. Go hiking.

I'm an outdoorsy person and I love adventure. I wouldn't mind taking a peaceful hike on a beautiful mountain rather than study for my midterms. Unfortunately, I don't have a choice but to study.

2. Take a nap.

I mean, who doesn't love a good, solid 2-hour....maybe 4-hour nap before you start your studying.

3. Watch Netflix.

We all keep this on as "background" noise when we're studying or doing homework, but we know what we're really doing.

4. Go on a shopping spree.

Whether you go out and do it or do it online, it's a better distraction than studying. I personally prefer the online shopping and that's where I start to get away from what I really should be doing..usually on accident.

5. Procrastinate.

I'm already guilty of doing this and it definitely does not get any better when it's time for midterms. I'm really trying to work on it tho.

6. Eat really good food.

Food is better than doing anything.

7. Drive around town.

I would rather go on a peaceful drive and clear my head. Not to blow off my studying but something to relax me before I start.

8. Hang out with my friends/family.

Who wouldn't want to spend time with their people?

9. Work out.

Now I personally haven't worked out in months, and I really should get back into it. However, those who are into working out I'm sure would much rather be at the gym than studying for midterms.

10. Watch TV.

I tend to get really distracted by the tv. Mostly MTV and the Food Network..oops.

11. Go somewhere new.

With the holidays coming up, a ton of people will be traveling to see the world and to see family and to get away. What are midterms?

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