It still shocks me when I meet closed-minded people in 2016. I thought that by now, especially with our country's history of judging other people based on appearance, we wouldn't judge each other by what's on our skin. Apparently still, having tattoos on your body means that non-tattooed people are allowed to say horrible things to you. If you have tattoos on your body, whether you have a small wrist tattoo, or an entire sleeve, I'm sure that at one point, you've heard all of these things.

1. "You're going to have that for the rest of your life."

Thank you for reminding me of this. I spent a lot of money on the tattoos that I have on my body, so I would like to keep them around forever. That's the thing about permanent ink, it's permanent.

2. "Good luck finding a real job."

Before you have the nerve to say this to anyone, please educate yourself. Most "real" jobs, and we're talking professional positions here, have a dress code or at least some type of requirement to look like a professional. Professionals do not wear tank tops and shorts, so please don't tell me that my tattoos are going to effect how I look in a blazer and dress pants. Thanks.

3. "You can't be Christian and have tattoos."

"Your body is a temple" says 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, which is the ultimate argument for Christians to not have tattoos. However, if Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with his artwork why can't I paint the walls of my temple with my own artwork?

4. "Can I touch them?"

I promise you that they don't feel any different than the rest of my skin, so no, you can't touch me.

5. "Did that hurt?"

A needle is going into your skin at a very fast rate. Yes, they hurt. No, I didn't cry. Everyone has a different pain tolerance.

6. "Those will look terrible when you're older."

No, they're just going to look more badass when I'm older.

7. "Are those real?"

No, I draw them on every morning before I leave my house.

8. "I really want one, but I'm scared."

9. "I would never let my child get a tattoo."

I would never raise my child to be closed-minded. If you're looking for an excuse to hate a parent, I think that them having a child with tattoos should be the last on the list. How about we look at that child's success, hard work, and passion and judge their parenting on that instead?

10. "What does that mean?"

Instead of making up a big excuse as to why I have this tattoo on my body, my new favorite excuse is that "I wanted it". Why does everything need an explanation? Can't we just have enjoy art for art's sake?

11. "Tattoos are a waste of money."