It's no secret that it's almost the end of the semester, which is the biggest relief to just about every college student on the planet. It's possibly the best (and maybe most stressful) time of the year, and if you have a roommate, there's definitely some stereotypical sayings that you've been saying to each other these past few weeks and for the remaining few weeks of the semester.

1. "Oh my god, how did the semester go by so fast??"

I don't think I've ever said a saying more than this verbatim. But honestly, it's so true. I feel like I took a nap in January and somehow woke up at the end of April.

2. "I don't even want to think about packing."

If you're anything like me (aka a hoarder), you have a crap ton of stuff in your room and no motivation to pack any of it up to bring it home. Instead of packing I just sit on my bed and stare at my stuff.

3. "I'm so exhausted."

You may also replace exhausted with tired, dying, or any other combination of words. Even though the semester went by really fast, it wore me out beyond belief and coffee consumption has increased substantially (and to no avail).

4. "I can't make it to class."

Tying into the exhaustion quote above, the physical exhaustion and the desire to not leave bed is so real. But with only a week left of class, I believe that we can both make it through (okay maybe not).

5. "Do you want Dunkin?"

Other variations include, "I had Dunkin 3 times today" or "I wish Dunkin delivered." Dunkin addictions are definitely real, and the finals preparations are no exception for the constant coffee breaks.

6. "I have so much work to do."

This definitely applies to the entire semester as well, but for some reason work seems to increase as the semester wraps up and that's just wrong. So your roommate is definitely the person who gets to enjoy your venting about professors.

7. "I'm going to miss living here next year."

If you're *blessed* like me, you love your dorm building and cry internally thinking about not living there again next year (and for me, I'm definitely stepping down). It's going to be the real struggle moving to a new location.

8. "I'm so hungry right now."

During those late night study sessions, the midnight cravings are so real. And at this point in the semester, your room food options are definitely limited.

9. "Do I really have to take my finals?"

No one wants to take their finals (if you do are you crazy???). Unfortunately, your roommate can do nothing about the fact that you don't want to take your finals, but that won't stop you from venting nonstop.

10. "*groans*"

The most common thing I say to my roommate hands down isn't even a saying: just a noise. Whether we're going work or just sitting around, we really just sit and groan or heavily sigh at least 10 times an hour.

11. "I'm gonna miss you next year."

If you're like me and not living with your same roommate next year, you're starting to hit the feels about not living with them again next year. But luckily for me, my current roomie will be directly across the street.