1. At least one of your grandparents asked if you’re dating anyone at school...

The most dreaded question any college student can get.

2. Then another relative asks what exactly you’re planning on doing with your major...

The second most dreaded question any college student can get

3. Someone complains about the god awful smell of the vinegar when dying eggs.

4. Every man in your family “accidentally” drops a hard-boiled egg for dying and just has to eat it.

But admit it: you've done it too.

5. You try to drown your sorrows of having to go back to campus by eating a whole chocolate bunny.

6. Your younger cousins run right by at least 6 brightly colored eggs in plain sight while hunting.

And you can’t help but ask yourself if you were that oblivious when you were a kid.

7. In their old age, you realize Reese Eggs aren't quite what they used to be.

8. There are no actual good Easter specials on TV, so ABC Family (JK, it’s Freeform now…) just plays Hop on repeat.

You contemplate wrestling your eight year old cousin to the ground just to get the remote away from them.

9. Your uncle isn't the only one loosening his belt after finishing Easter dinner.

You can blame it on the freshmen 15 all you want, but ham and chocolate crème eggs did this to you.

10. Watching the children rip open their Easter baskets makes you secretly extremely jealous.

11. But of course, Mom pulls out a special one just for you, and makes it all better.