Being the short has its ups and downs (mainly downs...). Yes, we can wear heels with practically any guy without being taller, yes, we are pro climbers of the counters and yes, the weather down here is great. But, being short has more problems more than just not being able to reach things in the cabinet.

1. Selfies are complicated

(That's me in the back)

When you get in selfies with your friends you are forced to get on your tip toes or jump if you want to make it in the picture.

2. You walk twice as fast

Normal people strides are a lot longer than short people strides. I am trained to keep up, but please slow down, I have tiny legs and I am breaking a sweat.

3. Your head is an arm rest

I am not an inanimate object. Move your arm please.

4. Adjusting the driver's seat

Anytime your friend drives your car, or you drive their car you literally cannot reach the pedals.

5. Dresses are too long

Short dresses are over the knee dresses, maxi skirts are maxi dresses and maxi dresses are an oversized tarp that I don't even bother trying on anymore.

6. Every T-shirt is a dress

The oversized T-shirt fad is basically just a T-shirt dress fad for us short girls.

7. Platform shoes are life

The fact that platform shoes are back in style is a blessing. I can wear shoes that aren't technically heels and look like a somewhat average height person.

8. Everyone calls you "cute"

It's nice, but then it's not. I don't want to be cute when I am mad, but with my height it isn't an option.

9. Hugs are a trap

I usually end up in boobs or an armpit when people hug me. This is why I don't like hugs.

10. There's no such thing as the shallow end of the pool

My head is barely above water whether I am in the deep end or shallow end, it doesn’t matter I am practically drowning either way.

11. People always tell you you're short

What?! When did this happen?! You're kidding! I had absolutely NO CLUE I was short. Thank you SO MUCH for telling me.